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 Olden Fantasy Roleplay - For New Players

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PostSubject: Olden Fantasy Roleplay - For New Players   Fri Feb 24, 2012 9:13 am

Olden Fantasy Roleplay

Hello, and welcome to Olden Fantasy Roleplay. This is Pat, a member of the local administration team and (apparently) Olden's favorite punching bag. Olden is a fantasy roleplay taking place in a unique universe with original stories and constantly growing lore. Whether you're a new roleplayer, completely unaccustomed to the ways of serious roleplay, or a long time veteran from another community, we hope to welcome you into our community with open arms. Read on to learn a few things about our community.

The Story
Olden Fantasy Roleplay takes place within a universe where magic fills almost every part of the world. We are what is usually called 'High Fantasy', as opposed to 'Low Fantasy'. Although we draw upon many real world influences, Olden is its own universe.

Olden takes place on the mortal realm of Aeria, within the nation of Sanctimonia - specifically the northern city of Surna. Formed from the ashes of the Talibarian Empire, which crumbled after a terrible war against the Goddess of Darkness, Shar, two hundred years ago, the Kingdom of Sanctimonia has risen and conquered, quelling the bloody Noble Wars and establishing a stable dominion.

Once a roleplay with only medieval era technology, we have now entered into the era of very early firearms and industry. Where once noble lords ruled, now influential Guilds control trade and commerce across the lands. With the growing need for resources, tension grows between humans and native inhabitants. Firearms, such as the Arquebus, an early predecessor to the Musket, have become common in the field of warfare. Flintlock technology has not been invented yet; instead, firearms use the Match-Lock mechanism and, more rarely, the Wheel-Lock.

The world is filled with magic and magical creatures. Mages can harness the power of magic through a mystical web of interlocking magic called the Weave. In order for any mage to cast a spell, one must first 'weave', or prepare a spell prior to casting, using magical symbols and words.Magical creatures, both wondrous and dangerous, fill the world. In the heavens themselves, Gods rule majestic realms, served by immortal beings and seeking the hearts of men.

This is only a basic rundown of the story of the world. The lore is constantly growing. We invite you to read what lore pages we have, which are quite in-depth. A good place to start would be here, or here. And if you need any help with creating a character, or you have an idea for some new lore, or you just want to learn more, please, feel free to contact either Xeloras or me.

The Community
Olden Roleplay operates tirelessly on a simple goal - to provide an enjoyable, consistent, and intelligent serious roleplay experience. While, as in every other roleplay, you have freedom over your own character, we ask that you post at least some sort of character thread. This need not be extremely detailed - just something that gives us a sense of the character. Many players choose to go further, and make greatly elaborate characters. We love this, but it's not necessary to play. We also ask that any special circumstances - magic powers, a strange background - be posted for peer and administrative review. While we value creativity, we hope to keep everything to a certain standard of quality and consistency.

For more information, please see the Rules thread and the Administration thread.

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PostSubject: Re: Olden Fantasy Roleplay - For New Players   Tue Apr 24, 2012 5:56 pm

Updated a bit, with links to some lore pages.

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Olden Fantasy Roleplay - For New Players
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