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 The next few days

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The next few days Empty
PostSubject: The next few days   The next few days EmptyThu Feb 23, 2012 10:13 pm

Olden seems to be undergoing a number of changes at a time when tensions between members is building and a growing sense of dissatisfaction with how things are run. In an attempt to smooth things over, I'd like to list the things that the administration is planning on doing to address these problems.

  1. Pull together an introduction thread for newcomers, including OOC procedures and basic IC lore information. I hope to work on this on Thursday. Done.

  2. Address possible changes to the character application system. I'll make a thread for your suggestions, or you can approach one of the admins personally.

  3. Arrange for a smooth server transition. On March 8th, Viralhatred will be ending the current server's tenure and we'll be switching to a new one. A member, who I'll not name so as to not put pressure on him if he decides to rescind his offer, has offered his own server. If all goes as planned, we'll switch to his, complete with a trial period for Tiramisu. If the change to Tiramisu is received poorly, we'll simply switch back. Done.

  4. Organize interesting RP starters. The roleplay has begun to stagnate. In the interest of reviving it, I've an idea that'll hopefully take off. I'll hopefully be able to organize the idea by either Thursday or Friday.

I'll be making another thread to handle possible redesigns to the character app system and more general suggestions.
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The next few days
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