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Originally for Aeria by Rutabega.


A goblin is an crabby, and mischievous creature described as a grotesquely disfigured or gnome-like phantom, that may range in height from that of a dwarf to that of a human. They are attributed with various (sometimes conflicting) abilities, temperaments and appearances. Goblins aren't smaller cousins of orcs, but are a part of the related species collectively referred to as goblinoids. Goblinoids include hobgoblins, bugbears, and others.

Goblins are small humanoid monsters.They come in many shapes and sizes, often depending on the region and habitat one is looking in. Typically though, they are classified into four different groups, despite all being of the same race. (Suggested you go down and read “Tiers” first)

Surface goblins are the most commonly found. Often located in either grasslands or wooded zones, they tend to have green pigmented skin and stand the tallest of the Goblins, reaching anywhere from 4 ½ feet to a whopping 6 feet tall. They often live in more tribal settings usually only reaching tier two or three (See goblin society: Tiers). Their equipment is often rudimentary, being either made by their smithies and fletchers, or traded/stolen from nearby towns. Surface goblins, while lacking any metalwork skills can create quite impressive bows and skirmish weapons, as leather and wood is easier to come by then ores on the surface and are considered to be highly effective hunters and trackers.
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Swamp goblins, as the name suggests live in bogs, swamps and other lowland areas where other races refuse to tread. They are incredibly adaptable, as their generally inhospitable habitats require them to be. They, like their closest cousins, the Surface goblins reach heights of about 4 to 5 ½ feet tall and are generally weaker then any other type of goblin. They are however, one of the most intelligent, and true masters of poison alchemy, and magic, often creating poisons and potions to incapacitate their opponents or pray. They possess the greatest ability to reproduce, and often have broods of up to ten goblins, most of which will die in the swampy terrain to either disease or predators who are desperate enough to snatch a goblin young.
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Wastelandic goblins are the mostly nomadic inhabitants of not only the cold Wastes, but the burning deserts of Sida. Without a doubt they are the most resilient and most aggressive of all the goblins as their survival usually depends on raiding the supplies of other nearby races. Due to their typically lacking diet they only stand 3 ½ to 4 ½ feet tall and are generally quite spindly. Due to the rugged terrain it is incredibly rare for a Wasteland goblin tribe to reach the third tier. They are however, masters of stalking, stealth and ambush attacks, often taking out a section of a caravan train, hijacking the wagons and riding off before the guards can mount a proper defence. Wastelandic goblins are not against eating the flesh of other races and never take slaves. However, due to the fact that they attack mostly Sidan and Wasteland caravans, they often come across vast amounts of slaves in their raids. Interestingly enough, they seem to possess some sort of honour and rather than eating the slaves as one would expect, they offer them the chance to either go out on their own, or join the clan as “Official goblins” so it’s not uncommon to see a group of wastelandic goblins with several Kazuths or other would be slaves in their ranks. A final note about Wastelandic goblins is they are the true masters of taming animals, the few animals they come across are either tamed and bred for food or used as mounts in raids or to carry supplies.
Goblins  Yetigoblin

Finally, we come to the Cave or Mountain goblins. Cave goblins, as they’re commonly referred to are the most industrious of goblins, though often the most seldom seen. They range from 3 ½ to 5 feet and posses great strength despite their small size. These goblins almost exclusively build their homes underground and range anywhere from a first, to even a fourth tier clan, as they have the most room to expand and often create vast underground cities. Of all goblins, they possess the greatest metalworking and close combat skills, although they can be deadly with a metallic composite bow, although they possess zero magic abilities other then simple fire and earth manipulation. Cave goblins are by far the most hideous of the four classes, their skin is often anywhere from pale white to a deep yellow, depending on how long they go to the surface to hunt and farm and posses huge yellow silted eyes to allow them to see with great ease in the dark. It is rare to see a cave goblin on the surface, but chances are when you do see them, they will be garbed in either heavy cloaks or armour, which they make in the resemblance to demons from ages gone. If you happen upon a tier 4 clan, chances are it will be a Cave goblin clan, since they have the most room to expand uninterrupted, unless they come across dwarves or gnomes, their enemies of old and they are often the ones that can dig down deep enough to come into contact with Driders, and as stated, a tier 3 will never become a tier 4 unless it has a Drider Queen.



Goblin society, depending on the size of the town varies from either a tribal setting to a city state. The tribal situation is quite simple, with one chief who is chosen through not only fighting rituals, but intellect and cunning. These usually apply to the Tier 1 and 2 tribes. Upon advancing into the third Tier goblin society changes considerably. They are not only much more open to the outside world and trade by races, but they also develop bits of their own personal culture from clan to clan while maintaining some form of uniform culture and aspects. At this point, goblins no longer view themselves as a tribe, but as a city state, or as they put it “Clan state” where each city is ruled in an oddly democratic way. A group of elders are appointed to a city council, depending on their wisdom, these elders choose a chief, (often a younger goblin) who is designated as the mayor, or sorts. At any point, if deemed unworthy the council can dismiss him, be it returning him to the ranks, exiling him or with a good old fashioned axe to he head. However, when the fourth tier is reached, a Drider queen is put over place of the chieftain, she has final say over any issue, has the ability to dismiss and appoint who she wishes and is the only one in a fourth tier goblin society that can declare war.

Tiers are a goblin’s way of classifying the size and social status of a tribe or clan. The four tiers are the following.

Tier1: Comprised of as few from 20-100 goblins, this is basically a village, nomadic group or a small cave. Typically they have a few goblins assigned to crafting tools and weapons, mending armour and the likes while the others gather food, farm or do whatever work needs to be done.

Tier2: This is still in the tribal stage of goblin society, although the chief usually has some advisors at this point. Tier 2 settlements range from 100-500 and are often what humans will stumble upon on the surface. At this point the social structure is beginning to build up and buildings and goblins are being devoted to certain tasks and currency begins to enter the equation, instead of jobs being done free for the good of the clan, they start to become for profit. This is also when animals begin to be domesticated, most notably wolves, for use of hunting.

Tier3: This is when goblins enter the city state stage, or “Clan state” as they put it. They range from at least 500 goblins and go upwards to the tens of thousands, and even millions on rare occasions. These cities, although dirty, can be compared with the cities of any other races. Currency and free trade are all to common in Tier 3 cities, although most merchants avoid goblins all together. It is unheard of for any Tier3 city to not have wargs, or some other form of large vicious animal to carry goblin warriors into battle.

Tier4: Tier four is the only tier not decided by size. Typically only cave goblin cities grow to this Tier, although a few others have existed. Tier four is reached when a fertile female Drider is met and offered the position of Queen (which is seldom refused). While size is not an issue and any Tier3 city can become Tier4 with the simple addition of a Dirder queen, to date there have been no Tier4 cities that have had a population of less then 25, 000…yet. As noted, Tier4 are most often cave goblin cities, and thus are unimaginably huge underground citadels that go from small passages, to massive halls and plazas the likes of which rival those of the mighty dwarfs.
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