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 To'mire Masks

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Originally for Aeria by Psyche.

Majora's Mask is an awesome game
In short, Enchanted Masks are souls of immortals held in magically-infused masks that each have special capabilities, depending on what soul is held in the mask.

A Mask with a soul currently is indestructible via methods in Aeria, unless the soul is removed from the mask, or the magic holding the soul becomes weak enough that it cannot properly keep it's power or soul, which is not a common spectacle.

Before the rise and flourish of mortal nations, an ancient tribe of To Roth called the To'Mire, were believed to be immortal, despite being a mortal race. They had the skill of infusing powerful immortal souls into their tribal treasure; wooden masks. Their secret of mask crafting is very uncommon in modern Aeria, as it is a complicated hybrid of Necromancy, Abjuration, Transmutation and Enchantment, which require inhuman connections with magic to master all aspects. The To'Mire used these magics for many purposes, stealing the souls of other immortals they defeat and infusing them into their masks, getting different powers from the masks each time. Time passed, and their new found powers eventually allowed them to become a threat to all of Aeria, as they set out in groups of 2, spreading all across Aeria to conquer. Being a place of unlimited wonder and mystery, the To'Mire were defeated and became extinct, despite their powers. To'Mire masks are rare in Aeria today, but the secret of their creation is inconceivably scarce, although neither aspect is completely gone from Aeria.

The magic of a To'Mire mask both holds the soul of an immortal in the mask, and also makes the mask near indestructible, regardless of what the mask is made of. The soul of an immortal tends to cling to magic, making removing the magic from a To'Mire mask no easy task. Destroying a To'Mire mask is a lengthy process and often a waste of time. Rich nobles in Talibar, Sanctimonia and Occitan are known to keep masks locked in their manors, with extreme security measures, fearing each mask's power.

To'Mire masks are made to give the wearer a certain power, which is activated and deactivated by putting the mask on and taking it off. Although a mask's power may make removing it a bit of a heroic task, but no To'Mire mask is impossible to remove. Remember, each mask has one power. The most common powers a mask may have are listed below.

    *-Shapechange to a different race. The Mask usually looked like the face of whatever race the wearer transforms to. Dragons are one of the oldest beings in Aeria, so the most common Shapechange mask is Dragon and Dragonborn.

    *-The ability to see magic as if it was infrared vision. Wearers suffer slight tunnel vision, because the mask itself is magic.

    *-Extended limbs, causing the wearer to appear taller and lanky.

    *-Quickened / Slowed heart beat, the former granting the wearer great speed and reflexes, the latter used for calming, relaxation and therapeutic purposes.

    *-A cloak from magic, making the wearer difficult to detect by magic-sensitive beings.

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To'mire Masks
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