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 Enchantment Rings

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PostSubject: Enchantment Rings   Wed Feb 22, 2012 11:32 am


Originally for Aeria by Psyche.

A simple design originating from The Wastes, is a ring that allows for easy enchanting and spellcasting. A ring with a dial forged from silver and gold resting on the top, both metals being very reactive to magic. Beside the translucent dial is a wheel, which deviates from 'safe' and 'open' modes. Safe mode disallows magic to flow through the dial, stopping the wearer from losing a valuable enchantment, and Open mode allows all magic to pass through. Unfortunately, the wearer must be somewhat potent with magic for the ring to work, as the ring requires magical energy from the wearer for the magic to make a complete circuit. The Magic is passed from the ring onto a person or object by contact, a revolutionary design in the magical world, now simplifying the once complicated art of enchanting.

While of a greatly innovative design, the enchantment rings never became very popular due to the expense and rarity of the object. The rings are now largely considered priceless artifacts, often in the hands of foreign mages or wealthy collectors.

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Enchantment Rings
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