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 Sound Shards

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PostSubject: Sound Shards   Wed Feb 22, 2012 11:27 am


Originally for Aeria by Kain.

Sound Shards

Image made from scratch, thus being Olden-original artwork.

Quote :
The Sound Shard's existence is unclear, for none truly seem to know where it originated from, far less whom they were invented by. The first reported Sound Shards were introduced by two elven merchant sisters by the name of Ellia and Lena Ryl'yan in the city of Leyanara. The shards have since, often through export and traveling merchants, spread across the world, being regarded as uncommon and precious goods to those unable to recreate the crystals. Present day Shound Shards, for lack of better knowledge, are simply considered Elven innovations.

A sound shard is a crystal that houses and processes a small degree of magical energy which, when activated from either end of the crystal, will either convert incoming sound waves into slight shifts in the crystal formations within the Sound Shard, or send magical energy through the formations, resulting in powerful and accurate vibrations of the crystal that play back the recorded sound frequencies.

A standard-sized crystal is known to have upwards of 80 hours of recording time, and larger crystals can even store up to thousands of hours. One can choose where among the recordings to start from by picking a point further up the base, and thus, later in recordings, to apply the magical charge, if they only wish to hear specific portions.

A very precise method is required to clear a Sound Shard of its stored frequencies, that being a series of pulses tuned to the Sound Shard's extremely low natural frequency. Resonating the crystal with enough of these pulses will slowly shift all abnormalities into natural states, thus 'erasing' the recorded sounds.

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Sound Shards
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