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 Liquid Solution

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PostSubject: Liquid Solution   Wed Feb 22, 2012 11:25 am


Originally for Aeria by Psyche.

Developed by Wastes alchemists, this mixture and vial of precious liquid is designed to help field medics and doctors in healing patients.

The vial is pressed against a wash cloth and is applied to a any cut wounds, allowing the Liquid Solution to help the blood clot for a short period of time. Note that this does not heal patients. It buys the user more precious time to tend to the wound before it results in the victim bleeding out.

Shortly after it's creation and early dispersal, foreign alchemists of all ethnicities worked to replicate the liquid and add their own changes. They were successful within a short time, leading to the Liquid Solution being a common and much-used medicinal remedy. While alchemists of all sorts have made their own, sometimes very innovative, modifications, the original formula remains the most used.
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Liquid Solution
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