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 Steam Grenade

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Originally for Aeria by Psyche.

At a time when explosive projectile technology was new and very expensive all around the world, engineers in The Wastes decided to design an easy to use throw-able nonlethal weapon for law enforcement officers and citizens for the purpose of self defense.

The gadget is thrown to the ground after a safety pin is pulled, and when a button at the bottom of the canister is pushed in by the ground, it releases a violent, large and yet controlled gust of hot steam upwards, easily heating up any room in a matter of seconds. This device was found to be unpopular because it's only ability is to mildly annoy victims, so the option was added that the user can insert any gaseous material of their choosing into the canister beforehand, and the Steam Grenade will force out and amplify that gas upon activation. This grenade can be re used over and over, although it requires hot water and half an hour to fully recharge to maximum effectiveness.

Steam Grenade 0726+canister+straps+bottom

Effectively the first ever gas-grenade, the Steam Grenade received some use in quelling the riots that followed the collapse of Talibar. While never very popular in the south, the design inspired some modern day gas grenades. The Steam Grenade is hard to come by in it's original form, though some mechanics have introduced upgraded models into the market. Newer forms of the Steam Grenade are not standard use among the Watch, and would require a wealthy investor or policy change to introduce it as such.
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Steam Grenade
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