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 The Thes'Pung

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PostSubject: The Thes'Pung   Wed Feb 22, 2012 10:34 am


Originally for Aeria by Xeloras.

The Thes' Pung

The Thes' Pung is a very rare fungus that is highly valued among alchemists. The substance by itself is little more than a fungus that glows when set in the dark, but when used in a formula it is theoretically possible to devise a potion who's effects would last indefinitely. The Fungus is very rare and highly valued, its existence is only known to very well studied alchemists. Being as rare as it is no alchemist has gotten a large enough sample to be able to brew a proper functioning potion with it. The conditions under which it grows have yet to be known, rumor has it that some grows in Surna however.

What is most interesting about the Thes'Pung is that it will absorb energy in any form it can. Heat, light, magic, and life are all examples. This is why it is so valuable when used in a potion, giving it the potential to work forever. Unfortunately, this strange quality also makes the Thes'Pung dangerous, or even possibly lethal in some cases. If you happen to ingest the Thes'Pung, it will immediately begin to draw energy from you, growing rapidly, and eventually kill you, turning you into a massive collection of the fungus. When growing the Thes'Pung, you must be wary of what you're doing, leaving the fungus out for too long will make it produce spores that will fly out into the air. When the spores come in contact with the body of a living organism, it will start drawing energy from it, causing fatigue, but nothing fatal.

There are few ways to dispose of the Thes'Pung, but one of the best and easiest methods is to use fire. The energy is released too fast for the Thes'Pung to absorb it and it is disposed of quickly.

Worth: About 10000 shillings per sprout.
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The Thes'Pung
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