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 Clockwork Bolts

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PostSubject: Clockwork Bolts   Wed Feb 22, 2012 10:23 am


Originally for Aeria by Rutabega.

Originating in the waterfront district of the lost city of Imperia, the Clockwork Bolt's first recorded use was by hitmen and thugs working for Imperian crime bosses. The bolt was of a revolutionary design for the time, created for the main purpose of killing or severely damaging someone that has access to either a healing potion, or a healing spell. Before firing, the bolt is set by activating a mechanism on the head. Upon impacting a target, the mechanism will be ruptured, a moment passing before a ring of sharp half-inch barbs erupt from the head of the bolt. These barbs act like regular barbs, but as they don't deploy until after impact, they don't slice into the flesh, making it even harder to remove. The metal can be poisoned beforehand, and often are, as the clockwork bolts are incredibly expensive and are preferred as a one shot one kill method. Furthermore, if someone attempts to remove the bolt without somehow managing to free the barbs, they will snap off inside the user, remaining there even if a potion or spell is applied, this would cause, at the very least, severe discomfort all the way to great pain and possible internal bleeding. Though of somewhat archaic design, the Clockwork Bolt still enjoys popularity among hitmen, assassins, and those expecting to fight mages.
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Clockwork Bolts
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