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 Extending Shiv

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PostSubject: Extending Shiv   Wed Feb 22, 2012 10:10 am


Originally for Aeria by Psyche.

The Extending Shiv is a design by artisan smiths from the Everrain Isles. The design is somewhat simple, it
contains several gears in the bottom of the knife's blade that can be triggered by a low profile switch in the hilt that allows the blade to double in length becoming a lightweight short sword, allowing immediate surprise and the upperhand in a fight. With the increased use of the Extending Shiv, much of the original surprise factor has vanished. This has led for a constant scramble for new and different designs, often looking more like a simple dagger, to keep the upperhand. The weapon is often popular in the criminal aspects of society and has been outlawed in Sanctimonia.

The Extending Shiv is composed of the finest metals to ensure reliability and endurance. The Blade is forged of Steel reinforced by titanium, the gears, hilt and hand-guard all made of a brass and iron combination, and finally, the hilt has a synthetic rubber cover with finger grooves.

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Extending Shiv
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