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 Tempest Maces

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PostSubject: Tempest Maces   Wed Feb 22, 2012 10:00 am


Originally for Aeria by Psyche.

(I was bored, and tired of looking at the one entry in the weapons' section, which was that OP'ed sword that was made for circlejerking.)

Originally developed by a foreign smithing company contracted by the Talibarian Legion, the Tempest Mace was made to supply guardsmen all around the nation for nonlethal combat, while being easily affordable for town budget. The weapon is a common mace with studs, capable of dealing heavy nonlethal damage to subjects. It is not recommended you hit a person in the head with the Tempest Mace, that will kill somebody.

First, a basic studded mace with a safety ring was the base, but on the head of the mace, circling around the studs was added a superconductive film, able to gain a powerful electrical charge through friction with most metal materials, and anything that is not properly grounded.

The conductive film is easily damaged when not properly taken care of, but it ships with replacement film stored in compact canisters shown below.

This electrical charge would transfer over to whomever came into contact with the business end of the mace, and would receive a jolt of electricity, which although is not really damaging, it can easily cause most any individual to stagger or become momentarily paralyzed.

While the original design is archaic by modern standards, the Tempest Mace received enough acclaim by the nation's guardsmen that the design was gradually updated throughout the years. Newer designs opt out of the studded mace design in favor of a heavy metal sphere, for fear that the studs might cause lethal harm. With the demonstrated effect of the Tempest Mace in the riots that followed the collapse of Talibar, the newer designs of the Tempest Mace can be found in the hands of Watchmen all across Sanctimonia. The weapon is still illegal in the hands of citizens, though that hasn't stopped criminals and bandits from using older models and even adding sharper spikes for a truly deadly weapon.
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Tempest Maces
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