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 Constructs [WIP]

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PostSubject: Constructs [WIP]   Tue Feb 21, 2012 7:32 pm


Constructs are creatures produced entirely from one material. Not quite like elementals, which are the element, Constructs are simply made of their respective materials. Another major difference is that a Construct will live forever, even after the death of its creator, but will no longer do anything because they require the orders of their master (except in the case of a necrocaste). Constructs are used most commonly for war and manual labor due to their complete obedience to their creator. Constructs are always formed using special runes that represent life, breath, strength, balance, intelligence, and speed.

Constructs fall into two categories: Artificial and Sacrificial.
Artificial constructs are also known as automatons. Aeria's dwarf race learned to make these fairly early on as a race. They run on Radium powered by light emitting crystals (legendary rarity), and steam.
Sacrificial constructs are also known as golems. Under the golem category there are two sub-categories: vitacastes - golems brought to life using another creatures life force (not the creators life), and necrocastes - golems created using the life force of the creator (This has never happened willingly).

The mostly incomplete list of materials that golems are known to be craftable from (in order from most to least common):
wood - too many to count
stone - just over eight hundred thousand
iron - just over twenty one thousand
tin - six thousand five hundred forty five
steel - six thousand one hundred six
bronze - two thousand eight hundred ninety two
glass - five hundred forty seven
ice - three hundred
lime - two hundred thirty one
sand - one hundred twenty four
silver - one hundred twenty
water - sixty six
bone - nineteen
aluminum - thirteen
flesh - twelve
mithril - eight
platinum - five
gold - two
adamantine - one
ash - one

This is a WIP and needs to be added on in most every way. It especially needs to have the explanations drawn out. Post the names of materials to be added to the list (some materials will not work, such as cordonium, others have not been tested yet ICly). I need a loremaster to fill in info on the dwarven automatons, such as common use and such. I myself will dictate most of the golems' lore (if that is alright with the admin).
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Constructs [WIP]
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