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 The Occitanian Compendium; Of Occitan, with Illustrations

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PostSubject: The Occitanian Compendium; Of Occitan, with Illustrations   Fri Feb 03, 2012 2:37 pm

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Only the landmass of Occitan is shown in this picture.

The States of Occitan
    Quote :

  • The Confederation of Westerwald-Leoben is located in the south-west of Occitan. It is a militaristic state driven by the desire for total hegemony over the provinces that comprise Occitan and the vision of a single unified Occitanian nation. The Confederacy was formed after The Fauerzeit Convention, the treaty signed almost 50 years ago at the end of the slave revolt that dismantled the Occitanian Empire into multiple, independent sovereign states. Since then, the nations Westerwald and Leoben have integrated themselves into one nation, a confederacy of two states which now stands as the largest, most influential and arguably the least traditional of the Occitanian states, pushing for changes in ideology constantly since the convention. The nation is headed by a government comprised of multiple large landowners and high born Occitanian aristocracy, who answer to one leader, known as the Count. The latest ruler to bear this title is Count Hans Jurgmann II. Their capital city is Wirfalsten.

  • The Nation-State of Buchloe is located in the south-east of Occitan. It is a singular nation-state formed after the collapse of the Occitanian Empire. Since the beginning of its formation, the folk living in the areas south-east of the general landmass decided to form a national identity, headed around the spiritual worship of the Saints, an old ideal not dismantled by The Fauerzeit Convention and widely, but not exclusively, practiced across Occitan. As such, many with loyalist sentiments flocked under the banner of Buchloe. The nation is headed by one leader, who goes by the title of Governor. The current Governor of Buchloe is Jensen Aachen. Their capital city is Buchloe.

  • The Nation-State of Weissboede is located in the North-east of Occitan. Having been formed in the midst of heated land negotations between various Occitanian gentry present in the North after the fragmentation of the Empire, it has been focused ever since on the interests of Occitanian folk and all those who are considered friends to the regional culture. The nation is primarily focused on trade and the arts, and does not concern itself with military pursuits. As such, it is considered one of the most peaceful, but fragile nations that the Occitanian region hosts. The nation is lead by a Governor who is almost always descended from the legenday Meyer-Steinberg trade dynasty. As such, the nation generally only acts in the best interests of peace and trade. The current Governor is Klaus Meyer-Steinberg IV. Their capital city is Klarenfurt.

  • The Nation-State of Ansbach is located in the centre of Occitan. Though not officially set up by The Fauerzeit Convention, the rebels decided to ultimately curtail loyalist support, a central power had to be situated to monitor the actions of the nation-states around it set up by the treaty. However, since its formation the government has been ripe with corruption, and its ability to monitor and curtail Occitanian aggression has been severely hindered. As such, it has been vastly over-ruled as the main state by the Confederacy of Westerwald-Leoben. Nowadays, the nation focuses on producing chalk imported from Weissboede. It's current ruler, a Governor, shares close ties with the Meyer-Steinberg dynasty of Weissboede, and insists on peace between the two nations. The current ruler is Governor Timo Fess II. Their capital city is Guilstadt.

  • The Nation-State of Ruetten is located in the North of Occitan. A vassal state of Vinberg, Ruetten prides itself in fierce loyalty to the Nation-State of Vinberg and its ruling government, the Vinberg Order. Men and women who are born under Ruetten are required to serve from the age of eighteen until dismissal from duty by the Order. As such, many fierce and famous warriors have bore the heraldry of Ruetten upon their crests and banners. The nation is ruled by a Lord. The current holder of this title is Lord Johann von Drachenblut, who is a member of the Vinberg Order. As such, Vinberg has total hegemony over Ruetten in everything but name.

  • The Nation-State of Vinberg is located in the far North of Occitan. Formed by warring tribesfolk inhabiting The White Plains to the far north of Occitan, it has slowly developed from a nomadic federation of tribes into a powerful state held together by a mysterious organization known only as the Vinberg Order. Said to have close ties with the Saints, they ruthlessly persecute all those who follow the teachings of idols and Talibarian Gods. Although this has earnt them a great deal of infamy, they have been able to accrue support from the remnants of loyalists remaining in the North after the dissolution of the Holy Occitanian Empire. As such, they are able to call upon great military support, preferring the methods of old 'holy' war to the new ways of fighting. It is said that upon his throne, the Hochmeister Jurgen Derangus, descendant of the infamous Sir Ovant Derangus, holds the only fragments of the infamous Black Cross, a device used by the Occitanians of old to burn the most prominent Kazuth leaders slowly and painfully. It is the only blacksteel torture device left in the known world, and is feared by many, even in its fragmented state. Vinberg is ruled by a Hochmeister, who presides over the lands of Vinberg and Ruetten. The capital city of Vinberg is Ostmurk Keep.

  • The Free-State of Haria is the newly christened homeland of the agile, clever catfolk known as the Kazuth. Carved out of the former Occitanian Tiefwald following a devastating slave rebellion and civil war, Haria is defended by the Kazuth's highly skilled marksmen and skirmishers. Sidan for 'freedom', Haria acts as a beacon for the downtrodden and discriminated Kazuth, thousands of which remain slaves. Every year, thousands of Kazuth flock to the fledgling nation, where Kazuth-blood grants instant citizenship. The Kazuth of Haria primarily worship Selas, Goddess of the Moon and Patron Deity of Felines.

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    The Occitanian Compendium; Of Occitan, with Illustrations
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