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 To-do List

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PostSubject: To-do List   Tue Dec 06, 2016 5:54 pm

Here's what's coming in terms of Kerodil lore. This list subject to change:

  • Arcane Arms: Sorry Venom, your thread's taking too long.
  • Kerodil's Geography: Including a map and description of the biosphere, both magical and mundane.
  • Noteable Historical Events: Skipping all the boring parts of Kerodil's history. Partly because I'm lazy, partly because this is a fantasy setting and not a history class. Bonus points awarded if your character happens to be a historical figure! (disclaimer - points are worthless, sorry Pat)
  • Inferia - Overview: Detailed description of Inferia and its culture, up to the latest events (read Alec Smith's Adventures for more details).
  • Valen - Overview: The same but with Valen.
  • Kerodil in the modern era: Linking everything together with Pat's latest timeskip.
  • Legends of Arithas: Not a high priority. Basically some more flavortext.

If you're wondering why I posted this, it's not just to waste forum space (I consider that a plus) but so that I can keep track of what needs doing. And so all my (0) adoring fans know what they have to look forward to. Chances are I won't follow this list or won't complete it, though, so I guess it is just to waste space. Hi Pat.

Die standing.
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To-do List
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