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 Marius Olm

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Quote :
Marius Olm F00lj7

Marius Olm
The Demonic Heir

Quote :
Full Name: Marius Olm
Nickname(s): Heir, Olm
Gender: Male
Age: --
Race: Tiefling
-Of strong demonic and daefar noble blood.
Language(s): Demonic, Common
Birthplace: Muhsin, Sarkun, The Empire
Family: Marcus Olm, Morigen Esmer
Adoptive Family: Aedelric Adahn, Selena Wildercress, Eirikarr Adahn-Wildercress, Orla Adahn-Wildercress

Quote :
Deities(s): The Emperor
Hair Color: Ashy Black
Hair Style: Short, styled to the right
Eye Color: Deep Red
Skin Tone: Red; purplish tint
Height: 6'3
Weight: 210
Body Type: Muscular, fit

Quote :
Strong Bloodlines
Being born from both the demonic tiefling Marcus Olm and the daefar noble Morigen Esmer, Marius' blood runs full with dangerous levels of demonic taint - levels which would kill anyone without the protection granted to him at his birth by his father. Purplish tints on his skin as well as slight white streaks in his hair prove Marius' daefar blood, despite it being heavily subjugated by the stronger demonic roots. Though the effects of the demon taint in his body greatly enhance the physical and magic aspects of Marius' life, the aptly named taint slowly causes unforeseen problems.

Quote :
Born within the confines of the ivory halls of the capitol palace in Muhsin, Marius Olm is the first and only son born from the tiefling Marcus Olm and the daefar Morigen Esmer before their drastic rise in Maalikian politics and then into world politics. Displaying overly dominant features of a tiefling from the near dangerous amounts of demonic energy within him, Marius was bestowed the title of the Prince of Demons named by his father upon his birth much to the displeasure of his mother, Morigen. Through Morigen, a rich linage of noble daefar blood courses in the Marius' veins, giving him notable daefar features such as pointed ears and a purplish tint to his skin, though these features are heavily submissive to the demonic tiefling black hair, red skin, and curved horns.

Marius himself was guarded much in the absence of his father, as the new leader of his so-called Empire demanded much of his attention to ensure its survival as a haven for true freedom away from persecution. Banespawn, though hating the task, guarded the young heir from any assassination, kidnap, or any other plots Maalik was prone to by each other and outside forces. This worked for some time, as no Dominion spies or other beings could ever reach the ivory halls that was the palace of Muhsin. It would not be until the renegade Banespawn Thorn Razel entered the halls himself by cutting down most in his way that the security failed. Thorn killed Morigen as she held the young Marius in her arms and took Marius from the Empire.

Thorn, now guardian over the Prince of Demons, took Marius far away from the Empire a placed Marius into the hands of the Irregular's leader Aedelric Adahn, who was also parents to a few month younger tiefling and a half elf born from his wife Selena. Marius still carried the name of Olm, as Aedelric did not wish to hold the tiefling's past away from him. Despite this fact of being an Olm, Selena and Aedelric still fostered Marius as if he was their own son.
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Marius Olm
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