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 What happened to them? Part 2

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What happened to them? Part 2 Empty
PostSubject: What happened to them? Part 2   What happened to them? Part 2 EmptyThu Jul 30, 2015 3:33 pm

"We never should have come here."
"What do you mean, Volt?"
"I mean we never should have come here. What else could I mean?" He crumbled the paper in his hand angrily. "...I'm sorry, Kara."
She put a hand on his shoulder. "What's wrong?"
"I've tried to keep you safe. I've tried to keep everyone safe. But no matter what I do, it's never enough... I pray to Aten for strength and I get no answer. Instead I get this." Volten thrust the paper at her.
"...A note? What does it say?"
"Inferia... is in trouble. I disagreed with things they did, but it's still my home- OUR home. And our family's in danger. I have to go back."
"Why? You can't stop all of this by yourself. There's nothing you can do-"
"I can't allow more people to die! At the very least, I have to make sure our parents are safe."
"But Volt... you barely escaped that place. Now you want to go back?"
Volten rose to his feet, and began to fill a small rucksack with provisions. "I must leave immediately. It may already be too late."
"We're both leaving."
Volten turned towards his sister. "No. You can't go where I'm going. I've arranged for you be taken away from here. Someplace safe."
"I'm not going to let you leave me here alone." Her voice was pleading.
"But I can't let you come with me... I want you to LIVE, damn it, not go throwing yourself into the flames after me."
"I am going to live, and so are you. Where's your faith?"
"Aten has grown tired of us, it seems. His Champion is dead, and I have lost His blessing. The powers of the night grow in strength, and He does nothing but watch. When will His gaze turn elsewhere, and the sun darken?"
"Volten, don't talk like that..."
"I'll speak no more. Come on. We have a lot of ground to cover." Volten left the room, his worried sister not far behind.

"I hate boats." Tyrion Duvedirfel was on a boat, and clearly this made him unhappy.
"We're almost there, so would you stop whining?" Terri, Tyrion's alleged daughter, stood next to him on deck. The crew was scurrying about them, making the final preparations for docking at Kerodil's largest port city, Jheran.
"No, I won't. This wasn't my idea. I told you we shouldn't have waited this long to go after him. It. Whatever it is."
"We weren't ready yet."
"And we're ready now? My gut's tellin' me that we're going to our deaths. Where is that guy with the fancy guns? Or that half-elf mohawk?"
"I told you already, I don't know. We're just going to have to hunt it alone." She tried to hide her uncertainty. The creature still haunted her dreams, still terrified her. She had come a long way since her first encounter with the Dark One, but she still wasn't sure she could defeat it.

Terri was sure of one thing, though. The monster hunters would never stand together again.

"We don't have t'do this. Someone else can do it."
"Who's going to stop it if not us?"
"That's the whole point. You think you're the only one it's chased? You may not even have the blood it needs."
"You mean your blood?"
"Yes. My blood. Not yours. Maybe. You may be killing yourself for nothing."
"You're starting to sound as if you actually care what happens to me."
"Nonsense. I just... think it's a waste. That's all."
"Honestly... this thing still scares the hell out of me. But I'm going to hunt it anyway. Because that's what a monster hunter does. That's what a Duvedirfel would do."
"You're thinking of Eleanor. She was the last one of us worth a damn. We're all honorless drunkards now."
"You are a drunkard, but you crossed the world to find me, with the Dark One on your tail. That's no small feat."
"Bah, don't flatter me. I don't deserve it. I'm a bad man, and a worse father, by any measure."
"Maybe you're right. But... I've seen worse."
"I'm touched. Let's just kill this thing and be done with it."

And so the two strolled onto the dock.

Persephone clutched the dagger in her hand, tightly enough to feel the warmth at its heart. It was argentium, blessed silver, and the only warmth to be found here. Not long ago this weapon would have terrified her, yet now it made her feel secure. How strange things had become.

She used both hands now, bracing herself against the heavy stone door, pushing it aside with a terrible scraping that echoed through the silent tomb. Out of the corner of her eye, a shadow moved where there should have been none. Not even rats ventured this deep.

It was dark down there, and smelled of death. The air was still, and dust lay over everything. The graves were cut into the walls and the stone floor. By torchlight, she could barely see them.

"At last, you've returned," called a familiar voice from the shadows. She felt a chill.
"And you are alone," continued Alfonse. "Your friends have deserted you."
"No," she replied, her voice shaking. "This is between us. I wouldn't put them at risk-"
She was interrupted by laughter. "Oh, Persephone, don't even try to act selfless. The Persephone I know would cut strips of flesh from whimpering slaves and force-feed it to them. You're just a monster who hunts her own kind. That almost makes it worse."
Persephone opened her mouth to reply, but her torch guttered out. She heard it clatter on the stone, but could see nothing any more.
"Don't worry, dearest Persephone, I won't make you fight in the dark." Alfonse snapped his finger, and a pale light illuminated the room. Persephone could just barely make out his features. He had abandoned any attempt to look human, and instead took the shape of a shadowy humanoid figure. Each of his fingers ended in a claw, and his hands appeared to be dripping blood. "You've come here to die."
"I came here to kill you." Persephone raised her dagger.
"Then by all means, try."
Persephone rushed at him, but he was gone when she reached him.
"Wrong, I'm afraid." Something brushed against her robe. "What's this? I can't-"
Alfonse's fingers landed on the floor. He staggered back, clutching his stump of a hand.
Persephone smirked, gesturing to the black, glistening robe she wore. "Do you like it? Not very fashionable, perhaps, but... practical."
"You'll die for that!" Alfonse lunged at her, his claws raking against the robe, which proved oddly resilient.
Persephone, meanwhile, brought the dagger down, this time severing his forearm.
Alfonse turned towards her, the arm growing back in seconds. "You can't kill me, Persephone. Many have tried, what makes you think you'll fare any better?" Everything went dark.

Persephone felt brushes, pokes, and prods, from all sides. Alfonse was everywhere in the darkness. Her cheek was sliced open, and white-hot pain shot through her entire body. She swung wildly, trying to hit him back. She covered her face with her other arm, and felt a tug as Alfonse tried to force it away. Finally, she was thrown into the wall like she weighed nothing. Before she could recover, she was tossed across the room.

Her hand searched for the hidden pocket, trying to find what she had brought. She hit another wall, and the air left her lungs. Her fingers found it- and it slipped through them. She heard it strike the floor, and any hope of survival fell with it.

Oddly, she was unafraid. She had lived with the thought of death since Alfonse had first betrayed her. She saw lights as her head smashed against the floor, though none were there.

"Catherine the clockmaker, I hereby sentence you to death," Alfonse said with glee. He was not the amiable, obedient Shade he had been in the long years she had known him. It had all been an act. She never should have trusted him, never should have let her guard down...

She struggled weakly as Alfonse brought her head back up. Her hand brushed against something.

"Any last words?" Alfonse said as he slammed her head down again, harder this time.
Persephone felt hot blood dribble out of her mouth. She flicked a switch. There was a spark, and a fuse lit. Alfonse could barely be made out as he turned towards the device. "What...?"
The Shade screamed as most of his body was scorched away by a searing light. Persephone scooped up her dagger and walked towards Alfonse, who now scampered away. The grenade still burned bright, like a small sun in the gloom.
"I treated you like a son. Is this what you wanted?"
Alfonse hit a stone wall. He now wore his human guise, though most of his body was gone. His eyes found her, and then her dagger. He smiled. "You might kill me, 'mother', but you're no better than me. You look the part, now."
Just then, Persephone caught her reflection in the dagger. Her face was swollen and bruised beyond recognition. A deep gash ran along her cheek. It would doubtless form a hideous scar. She briefly froze at the sight of her ruined countenance, and didn't notice Alfonse rising before her. Her neck flared up with pain, and blood splattered onto the floor. She stabbed Alfonse as her knees gave. He was burnt away, and no more. Everything dimmed.

The floor was cold, and it seemed as though all her body heat was sinking into it. She whispered a name, and then the tomb fell silent again.

Die standing.
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What happened to them? Part 2
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