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 Thorn and Kain current age meeting

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Thorn and Kain current age meeting Empty
PostSubject: Thorn and Kain current age meeting   Thorn and Kain current age meeting EmptyThu Jul 30, 2015 1:06 pm

Rutabega: *A loud, heavy banging sounds through the unassuming and all too normal farmhouse, breaking the otherwise calm and peaceful serenity that dominates the occupant's homelife.
Torch: [[ agh this requires me to look something up, brb
Rutabega: // righto
Torch: Indeed, the pristine and lush landscape and bountiful harvest of the farmland was out of place. Even more out of place was a goat in the distance charging at Thorn. It seemed to be the guard goat of the farm, possessing abnormal strength. Luckily, before the goat clashed with Thorn, a voice cried out from the barn. "George! Sit! Damn it, y'stupid goat, I tol'ja t' sit!" A tin washbasin sailed out of the barn as a man emerged, striking the goat in the back of its neck. The goat stumbled and rolled until it sprawled out at the edge of the porch. An older man made his way from the barn, wearing nothing but a plain white shirt, brown cloth pants, and tall work boots. Both cloth items were stained with mud and dirt.
Torch: "Sorry 'bout that. He's a lil' hot headed-.. well, well." The man squinted at Thorn. It was unmistakably Kain, though he looked to have aged twenty years.
Rutabega: *The large hulking form of the Banespawn turns away from the door, shifting its weight on the porch with a loud, awkward creaking. There's a good chance Kain would be able to pick out who was standing before him right away, although last time the two had met Thorn had been about a foot and a half shorter and his armor had not been so obviously grafted to his body. After a moment of silence the hulking mass of armor and flesh steps forward off of the porch with yet another loud creak. "You alright, old man? Looks like you've seen a ghost." The voice, while sounding far more metalic and less human than usual would still quite clearly be that of the late Thorn Razel of Surna.
Torch: "Pretty sure I'm still lookin' at a ghost." He folded his arms across. "The rumors get around, y'know, but I'm still surprised... y'know, yer bringin' trouble t'me by visitin'. Ah, it's fine." Kain approached the fallen George and pulled up the dazed goat. "George, get! Go munch on a fence're somethin'." He ushered the goat away. It stumbled randomly as it regained its senses.

Kain turned to Thorn. "Only one inside right now is Lyss. My youngest is on a trip southeast, n' the rest are.. well, knows, they keep 'emselves busy. Let's stay out 'ere. Don't think Lyss would appreciate seein' ya like this."
Torch: [[ who knows*
Rutabega: *Thorn peers down, looking himself over for a moment. "What, have I gained weight?" He shrugs a bit, extending a hand to his old friend. "An' if you didn't want to be found so easy you would've done a better job hiding out, hm?" He casts a glance around the farm, taking it all in for the first time. "I mean a farm...Really?"
Torch: "Who said I was hidin'?" He accepts Thorn's hands. "I was raisin' a family close t' home. Heck, I couldn' move away from Surna if I tried. It'd be so borin' elsewhere." Kain shook Thorn's hand, although the movement was probably too small for the present Thorn to take notice. "Only thing I need t'do is keep fulfillin' my oath, and, well, the world doesn' bother much with me no more."
Rutabega: *This manages to get a bit of a chuckle from Thorn, who lowers his hand after the shake. "Yeah well I guess the same goes fer me...Been to hell an' back only to pass through this place again..." He gives a bit of a sigh, sounding quite hollow from the confines of his helmet. "Wish I could say it wasn't on business, though. I take it you've heard yer bits and pieces?"
Torch: "A bit." Kain gesticulates as though it was the usual business. "Bane sure doesn' know how t' keep his nose t' immortal affairs. Well, haven't seen any'a his lackeys turn up 'round 'ere, though. But with you poppin' over, I'm sure we'll get a visitation... it'll be a good workout fer George." Kain stepped over to the porch and withdrew two chairs. He carried them out to the front and set them down. They were plain wooden chairs, though they had been kept clean and well maintained. He sat in one and motioned for Thorn to take the other. "Don't worry, it won' break. I usually throw 'em at George when he won' settle down."
Torch: "Poor Lisa's gone too, a'hear. Aten rest 'er soul..."
Rutabega: *The hulking figure looks to the chair for a long, long moment as if he's sizing it up. After a moment she shrugs and very gingerly goes to take a seat. "Th'short version is this upstart Tiefling named Marcus Olm 'as become Bane's champion an' through him an' his lackies, the last of my line is dead...Not gone mind you, ain't no Razel...Or Razels in this case that'd let their killer walk free while they rot...Anyways, m'line 'as been cut short, seein' as how he 'ad no children...That either me nor Shelob knew of 'nyways." He pauses, giving another glance to the chair he's seated on, as if just waiting for it to crumble beneath him. "An' then...That twat Bane 'ad that Dullblood slay m'wife an' love..." He exhales, peering out over the farm again, remaining silent a good long while. "So...I cooked up a plan an' tore through Bane's Avatar while 'e was meetin' with Olm, stole back m'wife's soul an' obtained her body...Now I got but two jobs left, aside from findin' 'er a new heart."
Torch: [[ she
Rutabega: // at which point?
Torch: [[ very beginning, "after a moment she shrugs"
Rutabega: // ah, he shrugs then
Torch: "Ah.. didn't wan'a bring that up with ya. Sorry fer yer losses, though..." Kain rested his arms in his lap. "Objectively speakin', the deities've been a lot less picky these days with their champions n' all.... Anyway. I reckon' y'didn' come 'ere without business, either. It ain't like other friends'a mine got away with risin' from the dead just t' pay a visit..." He chuckled, as though it were some old inside joke. "Right, then. What've ya come fer, Thorn?"
Rutabega: *Thorn leans forward in the chair, the wood creaking beneath him as he shifts. He rests his sharp, jagged shoulders on his knees. " 'S about my jobs...The first one is to kill an' flay Marcus Olm...Then, I'm goin' after 'is Master. I'm going to kill Bane."
Torch: Kain stares at Thorn for a moment. Then, he bursts out laughing. "Hahaha, tha' sure sounds like somethin' you'd do, ya ass. Ay.... But, Thorn, tha's.. risky business, fer all kinds'a reasons. Aside from personal risks, assumin' yer successful.. his successor might be even worse. 'Course, might be better, too... But it's damn risky on all fronts." Kain settled down and interwove his fingers. "How exactly are ya plannin' that secon' half?"
Rutabega: *Thorn keeps his visor fixated on Kain's face, allowing him a moment to finish before speaking up. "I've thought 'bout his successor...Way I figure it it'll either have to be me, or I can just sod off for the hills an' let Ossus take over as th'lord of the realms of hell... I ain't forgot what I owed him either though. Believe you me, gettin' muddled up in that is th'last thing I want to do...I jus' want peace after all this... I've spent th'last two 'undred years fightin' in the civil war, near non stop y'know?" He exhales again, turing his visor down a bit, breaking from Kain's gaze as he leans back up. "Afterlife of fightin' ain't as perfect fer me as it'd sound...As for how I plan t'do it... I figure I'd start with removing his most feared an' dreaded soldiers from 'is command. But fer that, I need Akash.
Torch: "The Banespawn?" Kain lifted a brow. "Alright, n' t' get t' Akash, y'came t'me. Makes sense now."
Rutabega: "I plan on bringing about th'return of th'Dreadspawn an' freein' 'em from their shackles an' oaths to the Child of their maker."
Rutabega: "As fer after that...?" He shrugs, leaning back in the chair. "Figure I'd start punchin' t'ill I figured it out."
Torch: Kain scratched at his forehead. "...Let's say I manage t' arrange an audience with the big brain up high. How did ya plan t'get Akash t' tell ya?"
Rutabega: *Thorn gives a shrug.* "Akash 's one of the most reclusive gods, ain't many who know what he'd want. Figure I'd ask 'im...Oh, an' before I f'get, there's one bit to this story I'm leavin' out."
Torch: Kain nods. "Well, don't keep it t' yerself, then."
Rutabega: "Nazzem has awoken. Not jus' awoken, 'e helped bring about th'fall if Rashid, which means that bastard Olm is in league with 'im in some way shape or form."
Rutabega: // http://aeriaroleplay.forumotion.com/t923-nazzem-god-of-knowledge-and-fate
Torch: [[ yeah dont worry, I saw
Rutabega: // righto, was in case you hadn't
Torch: Kain did not say much in response to that. He almost seemed annoyed to hear it brought up. The man made a small nod to Thorn to acknowledge the addition.
Rutabega: "Can't say what he'd be up to...That bastard hasn't shown 'imself since th'Godwars...An' let me tell you, if Olm is in league with 'im AND Bane...Well, les' just say Olm is a well known back-stabber an' worm."
Rutabega: *Thorn can't help but chuckle a bit." Yeh should of seen his face when I tore through th'Avatar of Bane..I think 'e wet 'imself...An' in battle 'e wears this pristine, glorious ebonbone armor an' mounts a drake while hidin' behind his loaned Banespawn. 'E ran from me like a true coward when we squared off one to one."
Rutabega: "But make no mistake. 'E is a dangerous sot an' not in th'way you prefer. He'll twist them strings an' toss 'is ragdolls about as he pleases, if y'catch m'meanin'."
Torch: Kain was not fully paying attention, though he tuned back in half way through, recalling the conversation as though he heard a recording. "It's a differen' time, Thorn. Differen' rules. He's one'a the gods that still tries t'play by the old rules 'much as 'e can, n' that makes 'im a problem. If y'could do somethin' t' hamper Nazzem, y'might gain' Akash's favor. See, 'e leans closely t' intellectual integrity, n' tradin' secrets ain't much t'do with integrity."
Torch: "Akash's tried t' have the Waymaker censure Nazzem fer good a few times. Unfortunately, 'e walks the line jus' close enough t'get away with it, but they all know 'e doesn' really mean well, he's just takin' what 'e can get."
Torch: "Frankly speakin', I think you'd better start there an' earn favor with Akash." He folded his arms across. "Though, one way're another, you ought'a visit Akash's tower first n' get an audience."
Rutabega: "I wouldn't mind some direction in that matter, I'll admit. See, thing is I reckon th'best way t'find out what Nazzem wants is t'get to Olm. 'E went to Olm specifically an' there ought t'be a reason fer it. Otherwise I got no bleedin' idea where to even begin."
Torch: "Mmm, I'd be abusin' my priveleges if I asked the numbers t' snoop, though I know fer sure that they're snoopin'." He scratches at his forehead. "Well, there's another way t'do it. Head fer one'a Nazzem's towers, tell him y'wanna strike a deal, n' ask him what it is he wants most righ' now from Aeria." Kain holds out a hand, and an illusion forms, displaying a strangely shaped tower of smaller sizes, guarded by drone-like humanoids of mixed races and assorted equipment. "The only risky part to it is that he might try t' influence yer mind."
Torch: He examines Thorn for a brief moment. "Don't s'pose you've got anythin' t' protect against that?"
Rutabega: *Thorn returns Kain's evaluating gaze with a deadpan stare.* "Really? C'mon Kain, I'd of thought y'would of known me better...Th'whole "I'm made up've two entities" stuff?...'M pretty sure my condition ought to shut up any whispers of 'is."
Torch: "It ain't quite tha' simple." Kain frowned and the image between his hands shifted to a diagram, with two blobs and a fourth box titled 'zone of influence.' One blob moves into the zone as Kain starts to speak. "In most situations, this's what y'were presented with. Yer attackers could only ever access one part'a ya. But, once yer in 'is domain," the second blob moved into the zone, "both'a ya become vulnerable. In this case, yer gonna need some external protection, or yer usual trick won' work, Thorn."
Torch: [[ third* box
Rutabega: *Thorn gives a bit of a grunt from the confines of his helmet, peering up towards Kain. "You've a suggestion, I take it?"
Torch: "Well..." Kain had a very nervous expression upon him. "...I mean, I don' really wan'a, but doubtless that it'd work darn well... I could lend ya one'a m' blades. You remember 'em, demon hunters' weapons. Wieldin' an active one provides a personal field'a antimagic using the wielder's own sacred field. Wieldin' two makes it twice as strong... but frankly speakin', Thorn, I don' really wan'a lend those. Last time I did was t' Marius, and he lost it. Didn' get it back fer two centuries. TWO CENTURIES, THORN."
Rutabega: "Ah boo hoo, least you weren't stuck in hell fer two centuries...I think I jus' got yer joke 'bout friends comin' back from th'dead...You mentioned antimagic though...Like that Otherworld shite way back when things began gettin' good in Surna...If I were to tell yeh I still had access to a relic of that time, d'yeh reckon that'd do any good?"
Rutabega: 'An' no, it ain't that sword if 's what yer thinkin'."
Torch: "I know it ain't the sword," he dismissed the thought with a hand, "News'a those relics gets t'me quick. N', no, it ain't quite the same. Those're opposite forces. The blades nullify magic, instead'a cancelin' it out with an opposite force- look, it's like takin' violin' strings n' holdin' 'em tight along their length. Nobody's gonna be weavin' any music while yer doin' that. Same business with the weapons."
Torch: He pushed his palms together and the illusionary diagram collapsed and disappeared. "I'm loathe t' lend the blades, but I guess it's the best I can do fer ya. If I used some'a my magic on ya... 'ed be able t' tell straightaway, n' probably wouldn't let ya get too close."
Rutabega: "An' so that leaves th'plan to what...Kick door in, enter realm an' offer to do 'is biddin'? He'll probably want a bloodpact in such an event."
Torch: He shakes his head. "It's actually fairly common fer mortals t' walk t' 'is tower n' seek t' strike a deal; most get the short end'a the stick, though. Anyway, you'll get in n' out without a fuss as long as y'don't show any intentions'a doin' 'im harm." He wove his fingers together again. "Yer gonna need a good alibi fer enterin'. Everyone tha' goes there is always seekin' information. Now, I doubt he'd accept a deal with someone tryin' t' use the into t' war with Bane. But y'could somethin' else; somethin' reasonable. Y'seek the secret'a turnin' yerself back in'a human form, the way ya used t'be. That's believable enough fer 'im not to prod it further."
Torch: "The importan' part comes after that, where y'ask 'im what it is that 'e wants, 'cause turnin' back ain't no small feat either, and he'll probably give ya a heavy task for it. Probably somethin' akin' to the Tieflin's dealin's."
Torch: "Once y'know what 'e wants, leave on the pretense of tryin' to get the job done. Come back t'me, and we'll see what comes next."
Rutabega: "Bear in mind I got t'kill Olm soon as possible. He's playin' with fire an' it's only a matter of time until it blows up in 'is face and we're all left without any eyebrows, y'follow?"
Torch: "Hm...well, why don'cha do that first?" Kain shrugs a bit. "It'll give Nazzem more reason t' find somebody else t'do 'is biddin'. Doubt you'll be able t' get the details out'a the tieflin', anyway."
Rutabega: " 'Is death is more of my personal revenge. Y'know th'bastard let Bane put his mark on each an' every one of 'is soldiers as part of a blood pact?"
Torch: Kain very visibly disapproved, though the expression was greatly restrained, as was the rest of Kain.
Rutabega: "That twat thinks 'es playin' the fuckin' gods fer fools. He don't realize what 's doin'."
Torch: "Doesn' realize the horrors we went through years ago t' keep this sort'a thing from repeatin'." Kain's tone grew heavy and somber. "All I can say is that it pains me t'see it all happenin' a gain years after the fact."
Torch: "I'd be lyin' if I said I haven' been tempted t' pick up the ol' swords again." He shook his head and shrugged.
Rutabega: "Mortals who haven't delt with th'powers of th'gods think they can gain power an' shite from them. They don't realize what it means to meddle with 'em."
Torch: "...Only solace now is the comfort'a knowin' it'll never be taken as far as Shar took it b'for. Still, it won' stop people from tryin' t' invoke what doesn' belong 'ere." Kain rose to his feet. "Enjoy the quiet a bit, Thorn. This's probably the only chance you'll get. I'm gonna check on the missus n' see t' diggin' up those blades." He paused briefly. "Those blades were made fer cuttin' past demon armor, Thorn. I know they ain't yer usual bludgeons, but it might do ya good to fight a champion'a Bane with 'em." He took several steps toward the porch, but turned to face Thorn. "You'll need a little instruction first, though."
Rutabega: "Instruction on swordplay? I know it ain't m'strong suit but since I removed m'self from th'realms of hell I been fightin' with broadswords, mostly." He pauses for a moment. "Bet it wouldn't cut Stygian though, much as I'd like an easy way to plow through Olm's Banespawn guard."
Torch: "They ain't yer usual swords. Exotic dual-weapons. Not all that easy t' handle when they're in one piece. Given yer experience, I think it'll just take a couple days t' show ya the ropes." Kain continued toward the porch and paused to answer his final response. "It can, if used right. There're only a handful'a hunters in history t' 'ave ever done it, though. Fer everyone else... well, they're yer best bet at even fightin' Stygian short'a usin' Metanite."
Torch: "I'd pass some'a that to ya if I had any on hand. 'Fraid it passed through my hands a while ago, though."
Rutabega: "I killed one of the sots with rebonite. Right in th'gods damned eye...I'll admit there were some luck there...As fer a few days, not sure that I got that long. Th'pieces are movin' too damn fast 's only a matter've time before we're all right fucked. More importantly though I got t'get a replacement heart fer Shelob. Each day she's gone 's a burnin' dagger in this old bastard's twin souls."
Torch: Kain chuckled at Thorn's dilemma with the sort of Redwell chuckle that meant he was up to something. "You'll find that sometimes the passage'a time is a relative thing 'ere at the Redwell establishment. Jus' relax. I'll be with ya in an hour." He enters the household. "If George charges ya, jus' smack him back. Don' take 'im lightly, though, he's a strong one."
Rutabega: *Thorn glances over to the titular George, then glances back to Kain. "Well now I got tah fight him." He calls after him before turning back to the farm, sighing and settling into the chair, taking a moment to just relax for the first time in two centuries.
Rutabega: // Gotta be running in any event, up for work at 7:30
Torch: // yeah, I was about to say, I'm heading to bed
Torch: // thanks for the rp. We'll resume whenever it's convenient
Rutabega: // should be in the next few days, I reckon

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Thorn and Kain current age meeting
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