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 The Resignation of Eleanor Duvedirfel

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The Resignation of Eleanor Duvedirfel Empty
PostSubject: The Resignation of Eleanor Duvedirfel   The Resignation of Eleanor Duvedirfel EmptyThu Jul 30, 2015 9:47 am

Eleanor Duvedirfel: Commander.

Thorn Razel glances over to Eleanor, having been taking an idle moment to gaze out over the valley. "Yes Captain?"

Eleanor Duvedirfel: We need to talk.

Thorn Razel: Sure, no shortage of people that I need t'chat with these days. What's up?

Eleanor Duvedirfel: Is it true that you blocked off a section of road so an engineer can construct an airship for you? Or, I should say, for "Talibar?"

Thorn Razel: Well, actually, that section of town is going to be housing most of our production facilities and impromptu workshops, so I figured we'd just industrialize the entire sector. But yeah, the airship is for the city's use during the siege. Jus' look me in the eye an' tell me an airship ain't a handy thing t'have in a siege.

Eleanor Duvedirfel: I won't say it isn't. But it's not ours to use.

Thorn Razel: And why isn't it, Captain? Everyone must do their duty in the defense of Surna.

Eleanor Duvedirfel: You can't just take things from people because you need them. You could have asked if he'd let us use the airship, or let him use it himself, if he wishes. He's probably far better trained in its use.

Thorn Razel: Oh he'll be flyin' it durin' operations. Sure as shit won't see me in that death trap. Two days ago, though, I got word from a intelligence spook with orders from the council itself. Our original plan of whittlin' down the enemy forces? That's gone. We're now expected to -win-. The Empire needs a victory, Captain Duvedirfel. Morale is at a crushing low all around.

Eleanor Duvedirfel: You must be joking.

Thorn Razel: Good news, we've just got some top of the line mages in. They're s'posed to be some of the best, and they are going to translocate -two- pillars directly here. That's sixteen thousand legion troops, Captain. Of course, such a massive translocation takes massive amounts of time. Until then, the plan remains the same, we hold the city at whatever cost. Victory is our number one concern, Captain, nothing takes priority over it.

Eleanor Duvedirfel: ...I came here to talk to you about something else, Commander.

Thorn Razel: Sure thing, wha's on y'mind?

*** Eleanor Duvedirfel removes her Guard insignia. "I am resigning as Guard Captain."

Thorn Razel: That so?

Eleanor Duvedirfel: I will stay and help with Surna's defense. I am no coward. I simply can not, in good conscience, or faith, serve this Empire.

Thorn Razel: Glad t'hear that. Wouldn't be an issue if I gave you a branch of militia troops to command? Ain't another one of them fuckwits under you that I'd think of promotin' to Captain.

Eleanor Duvedirfel: It would be no problem at all. Do you want me to train them, as well?

Thorn Razel: It'd be appreciated. I mostly jus' need militia officers I can trust in a pinch.

Eleanor Duvedirfel: Well, with some training, those under my command could accomplish that.

Thorn Razel: Glad t'hear. Though, I'd like to correct you on somethin'. It's not that you can't serve the Empire, though that may be a part, it not bein' your home. I do think though, what you should've said was, you can't serve under me.

Eleanor Duvedirfel: Well... I suppose it's that, too. It's just... you, like the Empire, have a way of doing things.

Thorn Razel: I'm no fool, Ca- Eleanor. I've never, by nature, been a moral or by the books man, and as the years and events have worn on me, I've become even less so, though the Empire keeps me here because I can get the job done, whatever it takes. I've done many things, some I can attribute to my split soul, some I don't care enough to excuse-

Eleanor Duvedirfel: I'll be blunt, Commander. There are times when the Empire, and this microcosm of a town, reminds me of the Occupation. We are at the mercy of the higher-ups. The chain of command. It isn't how things are meant to be.

Thorn Razel chuckles, setting a palm on the edge of the wall. "I admire the goodness in y'soul, Eleanor. Though you must see in times when efficiency and smoothness is paramount, certain morals and rights must be put to one side. An, while I won't defend all the Empire's actions, for no nation is without sin, I can say this, in relation to it, m'self an' many other things I've seen in my life... Not all villains are evil, jus' as not all heroes are righteous. There's good an' bad in us all an' in the end it all depends on y'perspective of the individual versus the whole."

Eleanor Duvedirfel: I've seen many things, too. I've seen people who sacrifice everything not because they are forced, but by their own choice. It's that very freedom which can drive people to fight just as hard, if not harder. Because no one wants to give up what's theirs.

Thorn Razel: Aye, 's true enough that those with th'passion t'fight will do better, an' trust me when I say that th'choice t'raise the militia in such a way was not made easily by m'self, morals or not.

Eleanor Duvedirfel: I'm not here to judge you, just inform you of my reasons.

Thorn Razel: Mind, I'm hardly tryin' t'defend myself, I've been under th'public eye for so long it just doesn't pay t'try an' keep an image. Regardless though, 's a shame t'lose you. It's been many long years since I've had enough respect and trust've someone in the guard t'ave 'em as m'second in command. Not since...Well shit, let me think...Since Donix Peiro, Steven Rogers and Church Takir. An' that was a good six years ago.

Eleanor Duvedirfel nods. "Well, it was an honor." She extends her hand to shake.

Thorn Razel pushes himself off the wall, stepping forward and grasping Eleanor's hand. "Y'have my best wishes an', for whatever weight it carries anymore, my blessings in y'future endeavors, whatever they might be.

Eleanor Duvedirfel: Thank you, I wish the same to you. Now, I suppose I will have to return my equipment? Or can I hang onto it until this is over?

Thorn Razel: Y'keep whatever it is y'want, Eleanor, m'partin' gift t'you. Besides, we've still got an army to conquer an' a livin' hell to walk through b'fore this is all over."

Eleanor Duvedirfel: Uh, you should also know, I've had the new blacksmith hire, Mr. Munroe, see to fixing my armor. He hasn't had much success... and of course, the priority is making weapons for the militia.

Thorn Razel: Eh, m'other parting gift then, put it on m'personal tab. Make sure y'get it fixed b'fore the siege, y'hear? I know I sure as shit wouldn't wanna go into battle without my armor.

Eleanor Duvedirfel seems a bit surprised. "Oh. Well, thank you very much, Commander. Or should I call you Mr. Razel now?"

Thorn Razel: Eh, Mr.Razel's m'dad's name, just Thorn'll do, 's what anyone remotely close t'me tends t'use. Course 'alf the people that call me that haven't done bugger all t'earn it.

Eleanor Duvedirfel: Thorn it is, then.

Thorn Razel: I think I'll stick t'Commander Duvedirfel, then. I mean, somebody has to lead the militia an' set an example, right? Or p'haps a rank from Kerodil, if that suits y'better. It ain't an official position so it can be whatever th'hell y'want it t'be.

Eleanor Duvedirfel: Hm. Commander Duvedirfel. I could get used to that.

Thorn Razel chukles a tad, leaning against the wall. "Don't get too used t'it so long as I draw breath, though I'll be sure t'put it in m'will that you get m'job once I'm dead an' gone. Jus' one question, though. I imagine back in Kerodil y'could have any sort of life there y'wanted, what with your type an' the need for strong leaders in a time of rebuildin' like that. So why in the hells would you come to a hive of villainy like Surna an' join the most backwards guard run by a half Banespawn commander? Let alone y'willin'ness to die for these people in the upcomin' siege, it's really inspirin'."

Eleanor Duvedirfel: It's simple, really. I went where I could do the most good.

*** Thorn Razel lets out a short bark of laughter, exhaling deeply. "Y'really are a model t'us all, Eleanor, shame ain't two half of a person in this city that'd appreciate it to the extent that it deserves, m'self included."

*** Eleanor Duvedirfel chuckles, a slight sadness in her eyes. "At least you don't try to kill me for it."

Thorn Razel: Quite th'opposite. I think you're one of the half a dozen people that've ever been in this town that I haven't physically injured or assaulted at one time or another.

Eleanor Duvedirfel: Really? Let me think about that...

Thorn Razel: Well, to m'recolection, anyway.

Eleanor Duvedirfel: Hehe.

Thorn Razel: Well, I suggest y'try t'keep y'self in the loop as much as y'can, drop by m'office any time, jus' walk right in, don't even bother knockin', I'll make sure nobody tries t'stop yah. Course, what with Sil puttin' a target on my head a bit of warnin' before enterin' might be advisable.

Eleanor Duvedirfel: Heh... well, I suspect I'll need something to do after this is over. But I resigned, and intend to stay that way.

Thorn Razel: Well, should y'change y'mind I'd be certain to kick out whichever reject gets yer spot. Otherwise some extra vigilante help would never be sneezed at.

Eleanor Duvedirfel: I'm not sure if I would be comfortable with that. Just consider me a normal citizen.

Thorn Razel: Well, t'the best of my abilities, though I tend to sway favor in th'way of some over others.

Eleanor Duvedirfel: Well, just try to treat me fairly, or I'll be forced to treat myself fairly. And I'm not very good at that.

Thorn Razel: As most righteous aren't. I'll do m'best but no promises, mind. Beggin' y'pardon though, I really should get back t'work, between potential assassins through m'wall an' never ending bullshit in preparation for the siege, I've had no time for m'self, an' even this break'd be pushin' it.

Eleanor Duvedirfel: Yes, I understand. I should be going as well. Later, we can discuss the details of the militia.

Thorn Razel: Sounds good, I'll be able to go over weapon stocks...numbers an' hopefully some sort of rank structure. I was thinkin' of assignin' each guard a section of militia to train an' lead as a squad. Course they'd all report t'you an' me, seein' as how we're pretty much in charge of the non magical elements 'ere.

Eleanor Duvedirfel: The fact Occitan doesn't employ magic makes this much easier.

Thorn Razel: Sure as hell does. Shame we've got word of a possible secret weapon. 'S just rumours right now that I got off that blimp guy, who was plannin' to fly his blimp to Occitan as soon as he could get it in the air. He was goin' to meet with some Occitanians on a 'private' buisness matter. It was to involve the starter mechanism for the 'flammenwerfer' or some shit. An', knowin' a bit of Occitanian from m'legion days, I know 'flammenwerfer' translates to 'thrower of fire'. He claims t'not know anything about what it is, but I think he's lyin' out his ass. He claimed t'be an cencus officer, despite not knowin' slavery was illegal in Talibar. Asked me a lot of questions regardin' the town's military and economic might, which is sucpicious as hell if y'ask me. That, is the real reason why I confiscated his blimp and detained him in Surna. Oh, an' he didn't even think Imperia was gone. He thought it was just a 'rumour'.

Eleanor Duvedirfel: That is awfully suspicious...

Thorn Razel: So basically I'm givin' 'im what he wants so that he stays long enough for us to pry the information out of 'im.

Eleanor Duvedirfel: Well, I shouldn't take any more of your time.

Thorn Razel: An' that, is m'true motive for everythin' regardin' him an' 'is blimp.

Eleanor Duvedirfel: Again, goodbye.

Thorn Razel: G'day, Commander Duvedirfel.

Die standing.
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The Resignation of Eleanor Duvedirfel Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Resignation of Eleanor Duvedirfel   The Resignation of Eleanor Duvedirfel EmptyThu Jul 30, 2015 9:48 am

Thorn Razel: I am heavy weapons guy...And this, is my weapon.
Thorn Razel: She weighs one hundred and fourty kilograms and fires two hundred gold custom milthril bolts at twenty bolts per minute.
Thorn Razel: It costs over eighty gold to fire this weapon...For twelve seconds.
Thorn Razel [YELL]: Oh ho ho ho ho!
Thorn Razel: Who touched Shelob...?
Thorn Razel [YELL]: Who touched my crossbow?!
Thorn Razel: Some people think they can outsmart me...Mehbeh...
*** Thorn Razel sniffs
Thorn Razel: Mehbeh...I have yet to meet one that can outsmart arrow.
Eleanor Duvedirfel: I have yet to see someone Zayl can outsmart
Eleanor Duvedirfel: oh

Eleanor Duvedirfel | Munroe [LOOC]: anyways
Eleanor Duvedirfel | Munroe [LOOC]: there is much sex to be had. Eleanor's gunning for a promotion
Eleanor Duvedirfel | Munroe [LOOC]: THAT got your attention
Thorn Razel | Kiwi [LOOC]: promotion to what? She's already the captain!
Eleanor Duvedirfel | Munroe [LOOC]: commander, of course
Eleanor Duvedirfel | Munroe [LOOC]: she wants your job
Eleanor Duvedirfel | Munroe [LOOC]: and your WIFE
Thorn Razel | Kiwi [LOOC]: gtfo, that'd take a hell of a lot of sex

Pat: [OOC]: OH GOD i think my dad is making fire truck noises in his sleep
Pat: [OOC]: really loudly

Die standing.
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The Resignation of Eleanor Duvedirfel Empty
PostSubject: BONUS: Bane breaks Eleanor's back   The Resignation of Eleanor Duvedirfel EmptyThu Jul 30, 2015 9:52 am

Eleanor didn't hear the door open. Yet when she looked up from her polishing, a man was there.

She pointed her sword at him. "What are you-"

He raised his hand as if to signal her to be quiet, and she was lifted into the air. She struggled, but was unable to move.

"Where is it?" asked the man calmly. His face could not be made out; it was dark and seemed to shift constantly. His mere presence seemed to darken the entire inn room.
"Where is... what?" asked Eleanor, still struggling.
"You know what I am talking about," said the man.
"Then remind me," she responded.
"The key," he hissed. "Where is it?"

Eleanor tried to mask her shock. "Yes, I know of it," he continued. "And I know what it opens. You will tell me where it is."
"No, I will not."
"No?" The man laughed for a few moments; a raspy, disconcerting sound. "That is not the answer I was looking for."
"It is the only answer you'll find."
"I think not." At that, the sword was pulled from Eleanor's hands, floating out of her reach. "Tell me where the key is, Eleanor, or the next few moments will be very uncomfortable for you."
"You're a fool if you think torture will get you anywhere."
"There are different kinds of torture." With those words, the sword shattered like glass, the many shards exploding outwards. Several struck Eleanor, burrowing into her skin and effecting a cry of pain.
"This sword is as your homeland," he growled. "Weak and broken."
"Durender... will never fall..." she said defiantly.
"You know in your heart that this is not so. Years may pass, hundreds, thousands, but one day it will take no more punishment. One day it will finally come to an end. It is inevitable. And I think it shall not last even that long."
"Durender shall meet its end... as you shall meet yours."
The man laughed again. "I was created long before your Durender. A time you cannot even fathom. I have always lived, and always shall. You, however, will not."

He thrust his hand forwards, and Eleanor flew backwards. She felt her neck snap before she collided with the wall, hard enough to dent it. All she could do was collapse to the floor. She could no longer feel anything.

"I tried the polite route," he said, stepping towards her body. "Now I shall simply force it from you." He levitated her again, and placed a hand over her face. "The key," his voice echoed through her mind. "Where is it?"

Die standing.
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The Resignation of Eleanor Duvedirfel Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Resignation of Eleanor Duvedirfel   The Resignation of Eleanor Duvedirfel Empty

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The Resignation of Eleanor Duvedirfel
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