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 Alyssa and Change's discussion

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PostSubject: Alyssa and Change's discussion   Wed Jul 29, 2015 4:19 am

*** Alyssa Munroe seates herself at the bar, buring herself a drink.
Alyssa Munroe | Munroe [LOOC]: buying*
Thorogoodd: [OOC]: Narran, is the blood still in the mill?
*** Alyssa Munroe takes a long draft, exhaling afterwards.
Narran: [OOC]: There was no blood in the mill, that was just provocational.
Thorogoodd: [OOC]: Ah
Narran: [OOC]: Skih's blood is in there though
Coca Cola: [OOC]: Except for what X did, with that deer.
*** Change 's voice seems to eminate from a corner of the room "Ms.Alyssa. Can you meet me behind the watch tower near the cliff?"
Munroe: [OOC]: Skih's Skeet
*** Alyssa Munroe flinches, but says nothing in response.
*** Alyssa Munroe nods slowly, careful to avoid alerting anyone in the bar.
*** Change slips from the building, quiet enough to eliminate any suspicion.
Paycheck! 25 credits earned.
Boeing 5-6-Delta: [OOC]: Thoro crashed... C-C-C-Combo BREAKA!!!
*** Alyssa Munroe approaches.
Player Thorogoodd left the game (Connection closing)
Player Thorogoodd has joined the game
*** Change is in full sight, idly poking at a discarded boot with her foot, looking up as Alyssa rounds the corner.
Change: Ah...glad to see you again Ms.Alyssa.
Change: I wanted to show you your new house.
Change | Kiwi [LOOC]: ain't as good as old forestvillage one, but bleh
Alyssa Munroe: Okay.
Fuzzy Wolfy: [OOC]: awwhhh Noddy!
Thorogoodd: [OOC]: BACK
*** Change peers around, somewhat nervous "W-wanna go there togeather...or shall we go seperate ways?
Change | Kiwi [LOOC]: "*
Thorogoodd: [OOC]: FFfffff- what'd I miss?
Boeing 5-6-Delta: [OOC]: You died.
*** Alyssa Munroe shakes her head a little. "...wait. No."
Pat: [OOC]: noddy on zayl action
Kiwi: [OOC]: a comet hit the earth, we're all doomed
Alyssa Munroe: Before we go anywhere, we need to talk.
Thorogoodd: [OOC]: Oh, well not much then,
Pat: [OOC]: zayl did the spell again, where izzy
Pear: [OOC]: watermill, near the path
Pear: [OOC]: the path to the town
*** Change tilts her head, reaching up in order to remove the red visor and pull back her hood.
*** Alyssa Munroe smells faintly of alcohol, but her demeanor is sober and solemn.
Change: Something...the matter?
Alyssa Munroe: Yes.
Alyssa Munroe: We're on opposing sides, that's the matter.
*** Change gives her hair a quick ruffle, running her fingers through her hair. "Do you need to oppose the Empire?"
Alyssa Munroe: I don't have a choice any more.
Change: You could stop your involvement...It'd be easy to pass you off as some hired mercenary.
Alyssa Munroe: I'm a Vindicator, Change.
Alyssa Munroe: I can't hide. I can't run away. I'm fighting for my survival.
Alyssa Munroe: And the survival of every other Vindicator.
Change: ...You could...join the Vitamantia? There've been a few Vindicators defecting to us.
Alyssa Munroe: Let me finish.
Alyssa Munroe: Part of the reason the Vindicators were targeted in the first place is due to raids on Sidan slavers.
Alyssa Munroe: What are the Vitamantia?
*** Change closes her eyes a moment, speaking as if she were reading from a page "We are an organisation working under the Empire in-
Alyssa Munroe: They take children and they do horrible things to them. How lucky are the ones that manage to survive?
Player Psæche has joined the game
Change: -order to maintain order and peace within the nation at the expence of our own lives."
Player Fuzzy Wolfy left the game (Disconnect by user.)
Change: We're proud of what we do, Ms.Alyssa.
Coca Cola: [OOC]: So beds might be uncomfortable for your character
Alyssa Munroe: You've never known anything else. You've never had a choice.
Change: That dosen't mean we can't be proud.
Coca Cola: [OOC]: Very Happy Guys, what is this song that is so scary to me?
Pear: [OOC]: what's the lyrics?
Change: Those that lack the spirit and belief in what we do often don't make it far.
Coca Cola: [OOC]: Oh, I thought somehow music was being played through console.. somehow a site automaticaly opened on my comp
Alyssa Munroe: That's pride born of blind belief.
Pear: [OOC]: that happens to me too
Alyssa Munroe: You're made into machines.
Psæche: [OOC]: Last time that happened to me, I had a virus
Player Boeing 5-6-Delta left the game (Disconnect by user.)
Alyssa Munroe: And it's not right, no matter what it achieves.
Change: We save the lives of countless people who would be wasted in war.
Coca Cola: [OOC]: No, it just went to some character's page on Aeria.
Change: People with families, people with loved ones.
Alyssa Munroe: That just trades one evil for another. It doesn't make any of it right.
Alyssa Munroe: What about the slaves in Sida? What about the people declared "enemies of the Empire"?
Alyssa Munroe: Don't they count?
Alyssa Munroe: What about you?
Change: What of me?
Alyssa Munroe: Don't you count?
Change: I will count one day, should I live that long. I am willing to bide until then.
Alyssa Munroe: That day is a lie.
Change | Kiwi [LOOC]: yeah well so was the cake, but it turned out there was cake
Thorogoodd: [OOC]: Someone better help, Pat is raping Nar
Change: It is the day I choose.
Psæche: [OOC]: In the pooper
Thorogoodd: [OOC]: Yeah
Alyssa Munroe: If you keep submitting to these people, that day won't ever come for you.
Narran: [OOC]: hes raping ur mom in the pooper
Alyssa Munroe: I can guarantee it.
Thorogoodd: [OOC]: Who's mom?
Thorogoodd: [OOC]: Pat's mom, Pseache's mom, my mom?
Alyssa Munroe: They don't care about you, Change.
Narran: [OOC]: All of your moms
Thorogoodd: [OOC]: Woah
Alyssa Munroe: All the proof you need is stuff you already know.
Change: Of course they don't. But they need my sister and I.
Player Dark Byte has joined the game
Thorogoodd: [OOC]: At the same time?
Narran: [OOC]: yep
Alyssa Munroe: The stacks of bodies of the failed subjects.
Change: We're the greatest things to come from their efforts.
Thorogoodd: [OOC]: Jesus chr- OW MY HAMNDASD
Alyssa Munroe: Which is why they'll do anything to keep you on their side.
Thorogoodd: [OOC]: FFFF-AFK
Alyssa Munroe: They'll tell you anything. They'll do anything.
Alyssa Munroe | Munroe [LOOC]: oops, kinda repeated there
Change: Our will can't be swayed, whatever we do we do of our own choice.
Change: Like I said, our day will come when we want it to.
Alyssa Munroe: So if you chose to disobey an order, they wouldn't care?
Alyssa Munroe: If you chose to abandon this "mission" and live a normal life, they would do nothing?
Change: Oh they would, though there's little they can do about it beyond physical torment.
Change: I have a physical tie to them that I can't break yet.
Alyssa Munroe: Then how you can you say that they care about you? They don't even trust you.
Change: I've been working on doing so, but until I figure it out, my sister and I will just have to wait.
Change: I never said they cared, I said they needed.
Pat: [OOC]: Psyche, where are you
Alyssa Munroe: Why would you give people who don't care what they need?
Psæche: [OOC]: Wanking off go away
Kiwi: [OOC]: he's in your mom's room
Change: Because it suits me just fine for the moment.
Pear: [OOC]: in ur mom's room AND wanking off
Skihulamigh | Pear [LOOC]: you guys disappeared Very Happy
Zayl Rathman: **And.....REAPPEAR in mid air, high near the top of the roof, quickly falling down**
Skihulamigh | Pear [LOOC]: Skih's still sitting there ;-;
*** Alyssa Munroe sighs.
*** Change quiets down as she hears the commotion on the other side of the fence, giving a quick glance through the cracks of the woo
Change | Kiwi [LOOC]: wood*
Zayl Rathman: **Change and Alyssa should detect a translocation**
Alyssa Munroe: ...keep your house, Change. I can't take it.
Paycheck! 25 credits earned.
*** Change takes a step closer, lowering her voice somewhat.
*** Zayl Rathman falls like a stone off to the side, against the rock wall
Change: I can't even live there anymore, it's better you have it than letting it go to waste.
Alyssa Munroe: This... may be our last talk.
Player Semper Press1 has joined the game
*** Change turns her eyes upwards to Alyssa, confusion clear on her face "Wh-what do you mean?"
Alyssa Munroe: I have my side, you have yours.
Player Psæche has joined the game
Thorogoodd: [OOC]: back
Change: That dosen't matter...I haven't raised my hand in anger against you...other than that one time.
Alyssa Munroe: If neither of us yields... then the result is inevitable.
Alyssa Munroe: There will come a time when we'll have to face each other, not as friends, but as soldiers on the opposite sides of a battle.
Change: Why not just...fake your death? I could say that a Vindicator died by my hand.
Zayl Rathman [YELL]: M-Marius!
Alyssa Munroe: I've told you already. I can't run, and I'm not going to.
*** Change tenses at Zayl's voice, her hands twitching somewhat.
Alyssa Munroe: I'm sorry, Change. This is harder for me than you know.
*** Change turns her gaze back down, quickly raising the hood over her head and clasping the visor back on to it, hiding her face-
Change: -once again. "F-fine."
Semper Press1: [OOC]: G'day.
Raxz Gruhl | Thorogoodd [LOOC]: THIS WOMAN IS A WITCH
Raxz Gruhl | Thorogoodd [LOOC]: Just so you know
Raxz Gruhl | Thorogoodd [LOOC]: With his dick
Semper Press1: [OOC]: Fuck, I'm probably missing something good. The bar is empty x)
*** Change moves over to the ivy-covered tower, giving it an experimental tug.
*** Alyssa Munroe blinks a few times, and lowers her head. "Goodbye, Change."
Change: I-if you ever change your mind...it's the last house on the right of the bottom level...
Raxz Gruhl | Thorogoodd [LOOC]: Woah
*** Raxz Gruhl watches from the bush
Change: Our things are still there...don't drink any of the vials there...I don't know what they do.
*** Change phases away, no longer visible other than a soft blur that's slowly making it's way up the tower.
*** Raxz Gruhl goes wide eyed and rustles in the bush loudly, by accident
*** Alyssa Munroe walks away, not reacting to Raxh. whether she noticed him is unknown.
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Alyssa and Change's discussion
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