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 The Legend of Bork the Orc; Also Kain and Eleanor or w/e

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The Legend of Bork the Orc; Also Kain and Eleanor or w/e Empty
PostSubject: The Legend of Bork the Orc; Also Kain and Eleanor or w/e   The Legend of Bork the Orc; Also Kain and Eleanor or w/e EmptyWed Jul 29, 2015 4:12 am

Thu Jul 29, 2010 7:22 am Topic: Bork the Orc, Eleanor, and Kain
Bork the Orc: Uuhn. Me want.
Bork the Orc: ..Cabbage.
*** Bork the Orc begins devouring this potted plant because it looks like a cabbage in ORC VISION.
*** Vincent Dadoni limps past slowly, his head hung low in pain, the helmet shadowing his eyes.
*** Bork the Orc realizes he is eating dirt. He turns around and spits. EVERYWHERE.
*** Bork the Orc walks over and tries wiping himself on Vincent. "Ick.. not cabbages.."
*** Bork the Orc grunts and hacks up some brown-green spit, flinging a lougi at the dirt.
Bork the Orc: Cabbage..
*** Vincent Dadoni turns around.
Bork the Orc: ..Give me.. uuhn.. cabbage.
*** Vincent Dadoni points his metal gloved hand at him "Wipe our vomit on me again, and I'll plant you in that pot."
*** Vincent Dadoni turns around, limping away.
Bork he Orc: ...
Eleanor Duvedirfel: ...
*** Bork the Orc turns to Eleanor with pleading eyes. "C-..cabbages.."
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel raises an eyebrow.
*** Bork the Orc stretches his arms out and moves toward Eleanor. "Me want... uhn.. need.. ca.. cabbage.."
*** Bork the Orc also has a noticable bruise somewhere on his cranium.
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel holds a hand out to stop him. "That's close enough-... orc."
*** Bork the Orc stops as he is, arms stretched to about an inch from her face. He moans. "Why.. me want.. nghh.. give.. Bork need.. ca..aa
Bork the Orc: Ca-..CA-BAH-JUZZZZ.
*** Faye Kagome thumbs behind her, "There's cabbage back thee..."
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel recoils slightly, repulsed by the orc's appearance.
*** Bork the Orc is as beautiful as Eleanor in the morning.
*** Bork the Orc drops his arms. His expression droops in a heavy orcish pout.
*** Vincent Dadoni limps back up the gentle slope, painfully.
Vincent Dadoni: C-Connie.
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel thinks for a moment.
*** Faye Kagome sihs, "Such ignorance..."
*** The Cabbage Man pulllss.
*** Bork the Orc falls onto his rear, pouting at the ground. He sniffs.
Bork the Orc: Wa...WAAAAAAAAAH.
Vincent Dadoni: Connie..
Eleanor Duvedirfel: Ugh.
*** Bork the Orc rubs his tear ducts, bursting into tears.
*** The Cabbage Man looks at Vincent, "..can you.. move.."
Bork the Orc: WAAAAAAAGH.
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel attempts to gruffly grab the orc by its shoulders.
*** Vincent Dadoni limps ahead a bit.
*** Faye Kagome turns from the orc to Vincent, "...Yeah?"
*** Jimaylia Tre'fas glances over at the group, scratching the back of his head. "Eh..?"
*** Bork the Orc believes he is being comforted. He hugs her legs and proceeds to cry on her. "Caaabug-gaazz."
*** The Cabbage Man pulls the cart forward, looking at the crying orc in the street.
*** Vincent Dadoni looks up at her.
Vincent Dadoni: 'Yeah?'
Vincent Dadoni: That's it?
Eleanor Duvedirfel: Get off of me!
Bork the Orc: Caba.. cabagaz.. cababa...
The Cabbage Man: ..CABBAGES?
*** Bork the Orc was bubbling incoherently between his sobs.
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel strains, dragging the orc to its feet.
[Roll] Bork the Orc rolled a 4 out of 1-6.
[Roll] Vincent Dadoni rolled a 1 out of 1-1.
*** Bork the Orc is a little heavier than the average orc.
Faye Kagome: Sorry... I was distracted...
*** Faye Kagomeglances back at the orc, "...Anyway."
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel tries to walk the orc towards the gate, but is reduced to dragging it on the ground.
*** Bork the Orc 's face is smothered with dirt, rocks, pieces of dead grass and plants, even a few crushed bugs.
*** Bork the Orc keeps crying all the way to the gate.
*** Bork the Orc suddenly grabs for a single leg, smothering his face against it. "G-giive meee!"
Bork the Orc: Give! Ca-aaabbages!
*** Bork the Orc slobbers all over the plate leg.
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel continues dragging the orc, averting her eyes from the filth coatingher greaves.
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel sets the orc down momentarily as she pushes open the doors.
*** Bork the Orc tries to climb up the woman, for he had to make it clear, he -needed- those cabbages.
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel attempts to extricate herself from the orc.
[Roll] Bork the Orc rolled a 28 out of 1-100.
[Roll] Eleanor Duvedirfel rolled a 73 out of 1-100.
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel moves around the orc, giving it a psh. "I spared you, orc. Repay me by not coming here again."
*** Bork the Orc rolls around on the floor, eventually rolling down the path on accident, crying all the while
*** Bork the Orc didn't understand a thing about what just happened.
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel shuts the gates.
*** Bork the Orc rolls TO HIS DOOM


*** Kain Redwell is warming himself by the fire.
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel walks by, briefly glancing at him.
Kain Redwell: ...
*** Kain Redwell turns and gags. "Ugh.. that smell.."
*** Kain Redwell tries to follow the smell.
*** Kain Redwell knocks on the door, sniffing it to double-check. "...Uh."
*** The door unlocks, and opens. Eleanor stands there, dressed in common clothes. "...Oh. It's you."
*** Elanor Duvedirfel looks over her shoulder, and tosses the concealed dagger onto her bed.
Kain Redwell: You sound disappointed?
*** Kain Redwell covers his nose with part of his cloak.
Eleanor Duvedirfel: What you're smelling is a pleasant mix of orc saliva, dirt, and insects, in varying states of decay.
Kain Redwell: Oh. I thought you were sick, and it was vomit..
Eleanor Duvedirfel: I'm in good health... but not for long, if I don't clean this off.
Kain Redwell: ...Oh. You're not in armor.
*** Towards the bck of the room is Eleanor's armor, near a wash basin. Bottles are also nearby.
*** Kain Redwell binks several times, a little stunned. "I didn't know you had.. uh.. er.. ya wore.. regular clothes."
Kain Redwell: I mean, really, ya stick to it like glue.
Kain Redwell: ...Well, I'm not really sure why I'm still here. Uh, you want a hand with that armor?
Eleanor Duvedirfel: ...Only if you don't try to steal it.
*** Kan Redwell blinks, not getting it at first. His blank look widens into a grin as he recalls the memory. "Uh, heh, no, I won't-"
Kain Redwell: I can't really, anyway.
Kain Redwell: Uh.
*** Kain Redwell holds his cloak open, revealing nothing but plain clothes beneath. "Just me, myself n' I."
Kain Redwell: No tricks or magic..
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel doesn't sound entirely convinced. "Right..."
Eleanor Duvedirfel: Well, if you want to help, you'll have to do as I say.
*** Kain Redwell frowns. He shrugs. "It's just armor.. guess that's fine."
Eleanor Duvedirfel: If you don't clean it properly, it rusts... or smells.
Eleanor Duvedirfel: And I don't know how much experience you have cleaning platemail... I'm guessing none.
Kain Redwell: Uh, no, not armor, at least.
Kain Redwell: I only cleaned my blades- blade.
Kain Redwell: And it was just.. scraping off encrusted things, so..
*** Kain Redwell rubs the back of his had. "I guess I've never really bothered?"
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel sighs. "Well, come in..."
Kain Redwell: Thanks. Should I leave my coat somewhere?
Eleanor Duvedirfel: You can just put it on the bed.
*** Eleanor's room is quite clean, save for the cleaning implements and armor on the floor by her bed.
Eleanor Duvedirfel: Okay. So basically, I'm cleaning and polishing the greaves. There are two parts to them.
*** Kain Redwell stares at the platemail. Off the battlefield, it looked a little more complex, especially when taken apart.
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel holds up a piece of armor; specifically, the calf plate.
Eleanor Duvedirfel: The armor consists of plates with chainmail in between. It's made mostly of lue Steel.
Eleanor Duvedirfel: Blue Steel is resilient, but still requires maintenance,
*** Kain Redwell removes his cloak, folding it over an arm and setting it behind himself, on the floor.
Eleanor Duvedirfel: I have two sponges in this basin; one is soft, the other is rough.
Kain Redwell: So, what should I clean, boss?
Eleanor Duvedirfel: You simply soak the sponge, and go over the armor.
Eleanor Duvedirfel: Don't submerge it, and don't use the rough spnge unless something is stuck onto the armor.
Eleanor Duvedirfel: Normally I use polish and do the padding, but this is just a quick clean.
*** Kain Redwell walks over to the wash basin, stoops over, and reaches inside, feeling between the two sponges. He picks up the softer one
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel sets the armor down gently, and moves a few pieces over near Kain.
Eleanor Duvedirfel: I'll look for another sponge.
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel steps over the basin, and open the footlocker, rummaging around in i.
*** Kain Redwell squeezes it dry and dips it in again, soaking it a little. He pickes up the calf piece she was holding before.
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel pulls out a spare sponge.
*** Kain Redwell takes a seat, holding the peice over the basin. He runs the sponge back and forth over it. "Never really realized..."
Eleanor Duvedirfel: What? That armor needs maintenance?
Kain Redwell: Well, nothing I ever used took this much maintenance. Nothing material, anyway.
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel begins working o some armor pieces.
Eleanor Duvedirfel: I find having to maintain things teaches you to respect them.
Eleanor Duvedirfel: If you stop respecting them... they break.
*** Kain Redwell raises a brow at the statement and looks to her inquisitively. "Trying to get a point across here?"
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel continues washing the armor. "Have you ever had to respect something?"
*** Kain Redwell looks back down, returning to his work. "Only a few times."
Kain Redwell: But those times... I really meant it.
*** Kain Redwell slows his washing. "Why do you ask?"
*** Kain Redwell turns the armor piece over, letting some water drip down. He soaks the spunge about half way in, and begins wiping over
*** the other side.
Eleanor Duvedirfel: Curiosity.
Kain Redwell: Not very surprisin', huh?
Eleanor Duvedirfel: Actually, I'm surprised you have at all. You don't seem very accustomed to it.
*** Eleanr Duvedirfel sets a piece aside, working on a new one.
*** Kain Redwell chuckles as he turns the armor upright and focuses on one spot. "That's dead on."
Kain Redwell: I've had to change my way'a thinkin'.. a few times.
Kain Redwell: Respect doesn' really come easy to me.
Kain Redwell: Rebeliousness... jus' comes with the territory, I guess?
Eleanor Duvedirfel: Rebelling against what, though?
Kain Redwell: That'd depend on which me you're askin'.
Kain Redwell: If this was six years ago...
Kain Redwell: Oreven five..
Kain Redwell: I don't know the answer anymore, t'be honest. Maybe it's still the same. But it's a habit, now.
Eleanor Duvedirfel: That doesn't answer the question. But I suppose it's not my business.
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel sets another piece on the ground.
Kain Redwell: I have a way'a avoidin' answers.
Kain Redwell: You want me to dry this?
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel sets her sponge down, reaching for the rougher one. "-yes, there should be a rag nearby."
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel scrubs a mashed inset off of the plate.
Eleanor Duvedirfel: Do orcs EVER bathe?
*** Kain Redwell looks over and picks it up after searching around. He wipes down the calf. "..Huh?"
Kain Redwell: Uh.. yeah, sometimes...
Kain Redwell: Depends on the orc?
Eleanor Duvedirfel: I won't ask how you know that.
*** Kain Redwell smirks, cocking his head to the side as he dries the armor. "Well, travelin' teaches ya things you don't always-"
Kain Redwell: "-wan'a learn."
*** Kain Redwell sets the dried calf piece aside.
Eleanor Duvedirfl: Tell me about it.
Eleanor Duvedirfel: Hand me the rag, would you?
*** Kain Redwell picks up the next piece. He nods and holds up the rag he was using.
Kain Redwell: About your question. Six years ago, my answers probably would'a been.. the world.
Kain Redwell: Not very original, I know.
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel takes the rag. "...The world?"
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel begins drying her armor pieces.
Eleanor Duvedirfel: Why?
Kain Redwell: Well.. I won't beat around the bush. You've heard of what happened in tht dungeon.
Kain Redwell: I'm a monster.
Kain Redwell: When you're not happy about what you are, and.. you can't really do anythign about it.. there's no one else to blame but the
Kain Redwell: world.
*** Kain Redwell shrugs. "So, that's what I did. I singled out the things I hated the most, sure, but that rebelion against what made me...
Kain Redwell: It never really left.
Eleanor Duvedirfel: You think the world made you?
*** Kain Redwell quirks a brow. "You wan'a suggest an alternative?"
Eleanor Duvedirfl: I think we make ourselves.
*** Kain Redwell snickers. "You would."
Eleanor Duvedirfel: What is that supposed to mean?
Kain Redwell: Nothin', nothin'. It's.. cute, that.. optimism.
Eleanor Duvedirfel: I wouldn't describe it as either.
Kain Redwell: Well, you make it sound like we have complete control over how we end up... that jus' ain't true.
Eleanor Duvedirfel: I never said that. I merely said who we are is up to us.
Kain Redwell: Sure, but yer missin' somethin' there. The reason why yer who ya are.
Kin Redwell: Isn't it because of the world, n' the things around ya?
Eleanor Duvedirfel: It's because of what effect I let the world have on me.
*** Kain Redwell has stopped cleaning the second piece at this point, caught up in the conversation. "Now we're gettin' in'a symantics..."
*** Kain Redwell sighs. "You got the damn accen' out..." He composes himself, adjusting his speech. "Look,"
Kain Redwell: That school of thought is great in theory, but in practice, no matter how powrful you are,
Player EzeeCheez has joined the game
Kain Redwell: you can't change the fact that you don't control everything... which means you don't always control how you are...
Kain Redwell: or.. how you'll end up.
*** Kain Redwell leans forward. "Or, would you care to disagree?" He resumes working on the armor.
Eleanor Duvedirfel: I suppose you have a point. But that still implies we have SOME power.
Kain Redwell: Never said we didn't. But that's the thing, ain't it? You won't notice it.. but the poweryou hold can be the one working
Kain Redwell: against you the most.
*** Kain Redwell scrubs a little harder. "That's happened to me a few times."
Kain Redwell: And that's why I hated the world. In my position, there wasn't really much I could do but stay the same.. or get worse.
*** Kain Redwell shrugs. "Tha's old news, though."
Eleanor Duvedirfel: It's still illogical to blame the world.
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel sets the last of her pieces aside, putting things in order.
Kain Redwell: Pfft.. that's a kicker
Kain Redwell: First time a woman's told me to be logical about emotions. That's some classic irony, y'know?
*** Kain Redwell finishes the smaller piece and sets the sponge on the edge of the basin. "Where's that rag.."
Eleanor Duvedirfel: Somehow I doubt this is the first time...
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel stands up, and begins to put her armor back on.
Eleanor Duvedirfel: That should be the last of it. Thanks for your help.
*** Kain Redwell picks up the rag and dries the last piece. "Sure."
*** Kain Redwell rops it and holds up the last piece.
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel takes it, putting it on. "Sorry if I seem abrupt, but I'm still technically on duty."
*** Kain Redwell shrugs. "Fine. Not like ya invited me over."
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel finishes rather quickly.
*** Kain Redwell turns around, picking up his cloak. He briefly dusts it.
*** Kain Redwell puts it on, but leaves the hood down.
Eleanor Duvedirfel: Okay.
*** Eleanor Duvedirfel says somewhat quietly, "I hope no one thinks I'm-... nevermind. Fareell."
*** Kain Redwell quirks a brow. He sets an arm on the railway. "A'don' think anyone would even consider a relationship between us. Nothin' t' worry about. If that's what ya meant."
Kain Redwell: Besides, that'd be a lot'a trouble, wouldn't it? The former captain goin' out with the new one, all things considered.
Eleanor Duvedirfel: Yes. Mostly for me. Now, I should be going.
*** Kain Redwell rolls his eyes. "Yep."
*** Kain Redwell takes a seat by the fire again.
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The Legend of Bork the Orc; Also Kain and Eleanor or w/e
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