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 Cimus Mummaccius Agiellius

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Cimus Mummaccius Agiellius

Listen in highest quality.

“Suffering to the conquered, that is the justice. Shameless to learn obedience when bested.
Woe to those who yield complacently.”

Cimus Mummaccius Agiellius 000002Legion

Quote :

Primary Information
Quote :

Basic Details
Name: Cimus Mummaccius Agiellius
Gender: Male
Age: Twenty-Nine
Nationality: Macedonian
Social Status: Plebian
Affiliations: Legio II Macedonia
Title: Military Tribune
Years of Service: Twelve
Patrons/Beneficients: None.

Aesthetic Details
Skin Tone: Bronzed
Eye Color: An opaque blue color..
Hair Color: A jet black.
Hair Length: A well kept and routinely cut length going no furthe than the chin..
Facial Hair: A thick muttonchops complementing a full beard with shaved moustachios.
Weight: 189-197 lbs
Height: 5'8"
Build: Lean muscled, sinewy limbs, broad shoulders and pectorals.

Socio-economic Details
Citizenship: Naturalized Roman
Birthname: Pycos
Birthplace: Icymed, a small village half a day from Macedon.
Occupation: Military Tribune.
Economic Standing: Working Class, financially stable.
Economic Variability: Battle commendations, looting.

Cimus Mummaccius Agiellius 000002Tribune
Cimus and Liuso witnessing the promotion of Corovus Lecei Atripe by the prior Legate of the Legio II Macedonia

Quote :

Character Traits
Quote :


  • Discipline - "The Legion does not train men to fight. The Legion undoes them. Men become tools, honed and fitted to be used at immediate direction."
  • Rugged - "I've scrapped with boys bigger than me since I had summers to count on only one hand. I've walked far and seen many years, and not much has changed."
  • Logical - "I've heard men talk of the metaphysics, of water and the forms and of noein, but the studies of Rhetoric and Logic were things I found digestable."


  • Illiterate and Uneducated - "The scriptures I will have read to me by my assistant officer, he's a boy whose father learned him his letters. Good man."
  • Hedonistic / Seductive -"Of one philosophy I have learned to live my life by, that is of the Hedonists in their far flung paradise. More brilliant men, there are few of - indeed."
  • Ambitious -"Though I often conduct myself in fullest with the use of my intellect, it is not unkind to say that my decisions arrive as the passion strikes me."

Cimus Mummaccius Agiellius UG2pUeJ
Cimus and a number of Companions initially serving as Auxiliaries for the Roman Legion some Thirteen years ago.

Quote :


Born a young man in the Macedonian countryside, farming and trading were the lot allowed to this lowborn young man. Feisty from a young age, he was a mischievous young man who was not a stranger to rough-housing and escaping his chores. Regularly experienced in the wrath from his father, though respecting his authority, the young man quickly grew into his prime in the depressed Hellenistic country.

The young man's friend - a blacksmith's second son, who mastered the craft more so than the firstborn - but was lessly loved by the patron of the family, made awares to the young man that he would be leaving home with the best of his crafted items. The young men beheld bronze leaf-shaped swords, and large spear-tips on small spears. Having made many things in surplus and not wanting his father to have any, the young man's friend offered him a place at his side in becoming a mercenary, lest he have to carry all the bronze himself.

It was a bit of a struggle, but given a recent dramatic episode in the romantic sphere, and the outlook of living his life as a farmer - of which the young man loved little - the young man offered his hand. It would be an adventure, and as all young men did unfearing of death, the worst he expected was to return home in shame.

The two-some spent a year with wicker shields, belted swords, and worn spears travelling Macedon - doing little and earning less, up until the call for arms that sounded from a nearby city being raided by a band of lawless thugs. Such robbed the young men chances at -any- profit, as sellswords older and more imposing made their stance over them.

They did not go unfed, however, upon the making of an unexpected colleague. A twosome of fresh legionnaires found themselves at the mercy of three spear wielding mercenaries who thought to take to a bit of pilfering much alike those who they had been thought to fight. Unexpected and immediate support by the young man and his friend earned them commendations from both young Legionnaires when they returned to their barrack, along with what look they could take of the dead men.

In two days time, when a patrol of Legionnaires began to make its patrol about the countryside - a cohort under the command of Corovus Lecei Atripe - the two were extended an invitation to serve in the Auxila which was sorely lacking in numbers.

From there, the story of Cimus Mummaccius Agiellius begins. Soon shielding himself with a Latin name at the suggestion of Corovus, the young man would survive and serve with the legion for a considerable time. The two Macedonian boys would soon be given the offer of Legion citizen ship after a full two years with the Legion - of which a number of months were spent in the siege and occupation of a savage-waylaid fort - at which both young men accepted.

Both climbed in ranks steadily throughout the years, emerging unto the Second Mithridatic War with a level of authority about them already. Both would fight, but only Cimus would survive, finding no greater loss thus far in life than that of his sworn-brother. Coming to the end of the war, the young man would emerge with his life intact, and his repute unchallenged. Decisive and zealous in battle, he was able to inspire his fellows and follow the orders of his commanders while acting with sense respective of his command.

For this, after the surprise of Corovus's sudden emergence as Legate, the new commander approached Cimus, and offered him a hand at leading as well - that of a Military Tribune.

"You are a smart young man, and we lost at least two par men to the war. I will release another from my service, and take three new men ready to lead. I want you to be one of them. You have that spirit in you, I much had myself. I came from a proud line - that of Macedonia's great spearmen, who are sung even now. What I learned from my fathers and through the blood that came from those heroes, I can see in you. Even if you do not know it, I would have you at my side - teach you all I know, and give you the chance to ascend as I have."

With that, Cimus took the position, and he has conducted himself amicably since. Though quick to engage, and loose with the collateral damage caused by allowing free-looting and the destruction of unlawfully appropriated accommodations, Cimus proved himself an able commander. Quick thinking and analytic, his decisions were well made when tempered with the lessons given by his fellow Tribunes and from the Legate himself.

Looking now towards the growing power in Rome, with a nearby station along with much of his retinue, Cimus thinks to cement the allegiance of himself and his legion-brothers to the power most apt to bring Rome unto its greatest future - as well as the hand which is best able to pay Cimus. Though loyal to the well-being and prestige of his brothers and superior, the validation of their ideals is not so great focus for Cimus  - namely the increase in acknowledgement for the Auxila and a greater place for the Macedonian heroism within the Legion II Macedonia. Of course, it would be a beautiful thing if it could be done, but unlike the Legate - it is not something he would die for.

Cimus Mummaccius Agiellius H2DFj
Character Syllabus:

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Cimus Mummaccius Agiellius
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