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 Legio II Macedonia

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PostSubject: Legio II Macedonia   Thu Jul 17, 2014 5:51 am

Vae Victus

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Listen in highest quality.

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Primary Information

Name: Legio II Macedonia
Faction Type: Legion
Legion Ethnicity(s): Macedonian.
Legion Designation: Infantry / Cavalry
Legion Experience: Seasoned / Veteran
Legion General Morale: Good
Legion Allegiance: Rome - Unspecified.

Legate: Corovus Lecei Atripe
Military Tribune: Cimus Mummaccius Agiellius
Military Tribune: Galav Ciusittia Selluso
Military Tribune: Viuso Siusecius Agnus
Military Tribune: Mitus Lediusaeius Fabella
Military Tribune: Liuso Aperpeniu Banuso
Military Tribune: Kaeso Ranemul Cessa


The Cohorts
Cohors Tumultuaria: Kaeso Ranemul Cessa
Cohors Peditata: Galav Ciusittia Selluso
Cohors Peditata: Viuso Siusecius Agnus
Cohors Equitata: Viuso Siusecius Agnus
Cohors Sagittaria: Mitus Lediusaeius Fabella
Cohors Peditata: Mitus Lediusaeius Fabella
Cohors Peditata: Liuso Aperpeniu Banuso
Cohors Sagittaria: Liuso Aperpeniu Banuso
Cohors Peditata: Cimus Mummaccius Agiellius
Cohors Peditata: Cimus Mummaccius Agiellius

The Auxilia
Two-Hundred Forty Levy Pike Infantry
One-Hundred Sixty Phalanx Hoplite Infantry
Eighty Royal Hoplite Infantry
Eighty Peltasts
Forty Thessalian Cavalry
Forty Companions Cavalry
Eighty Hooded Archers

Legion Service: Standing Service, Second Mithridatic War, East Border Excursions, Fort Occupation
Legion Motto: Vae Victus - Woe/Suffering To the Conquered

Quote :

Faction History

Long has Macedonia been held as a tributary territory of Roma, flower of the west. With revolts subsided and the Corinth crushed firmly under the heel of the Latin Republic, the Greek Cities exist differently than they did in their prime. Answering to the call of the Senate in raising armies and taxes in the name of the state, some feel chafed under the weight of this oppressive subjugation.

A new generation now has grown in Greece, and finds itself embroiled in a conflict involving much of the Mediterranean. The Second Mithridatic War. When the call was sounded, the Greek cities responded as was necessitated. Macedonia's exemplary contribution to the effort was its Second Legion.

Initially nothing more than a collection of fresh boys after the crushing of resistance in the Hellenic states. A wily young man serving as a Centurion would be given the detail of training the fresh men in his cohort after impressing the Military Tribune who presided over him. Having been trained in the lineage of Macedonian Military Tradition, stretching back to a proud family whose spirit crushed under the weight of Greek subjugation. The young man would bring honor to his family and all they once stood for. The Cohorts would quickly be strengthened, and they would also marvel at the cohesion between the Legion and the auxiliaries that the man could instill. Before long, he himself was a Military Tribune and in the direction of his own cohorts that brought pride to the Macedonian dress.

Then came the Second Mithridatic War, and the second legion would shine - all for the man who had been cast down by Roma, to only then raise a glorious fighting force. Other of the Military Tribunes took from his methods, raised men such that would've served the legendary Alexander when he marched east to conquer the world. Those foes they faced in times of war were not disappointed. The Second Legion was thusly recognized, for its valiant efforts and cited as befits Romans as they should conduct themselves. The Military Tribune soon found himself offered the position of Legate - replacing the son of one of the men who presided over the defeated Macedon.

Poetic justice had its time, and now it seems songs are ready to be sung again. Under the command of the new Legate, Corovus Lecei Atripe, the Second Legion would be groomed fully into a fighting force worthy of Macedon's old identity. With a number of new Military Tribunes that had proved themselves in the recent war, young men eager to prove their worth, and among some of the most skilled Auxilia hand picked to support the expertly trained ranks of the Legion - a mighty force stood tall in Macedon once again.

Character Syllabus:

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Legio II Macedonia
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