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 The Occitanian Compendium; Military Strategy et al

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PostSubject: The Occitanian Compendium; Military Strategy et al   Fri Feb 03, 2012 2:34 pm

"Forever vigilant." - Motto of the Confederate Army of Westerwald-Leoben.

Quote :
"I speak to you, good folk of these fair Occitanian nations! We have always been supportive of the warmongering ambitions harbored by the loyalists of the deluded Empire of the Kaiser, but such habits are no longer necessary for the sustainment of a nation! As men of Occitan, it is our duty to protect our lands from outside influences, from those that would separate our beautiful nations into vassals and dead nations! Such habits are no longer necessary, but to sustain our way of life, they are helpful. However, of our technologies of ages long past, we know nothing, but of new technologies yet to be uncovered, we can only but taste success if we work together, my brave folk of Occitan, work together and fight together!"

- Count Hans Jurgmann II, Grand Marshal of the Confederate Army of Westerwald-Leoben

Two Officers of Westerwald-Leoben conversing upon horseback. One is holding a matchlock pistol.



Soldiers of Westerwald-Leoben rest on patrol in the winter. Note the difference in headgear.



A cavalryman of Ruetten in combat. Ruetten is a vassal of Vinberg, and the union is denoted by the blue sash.



Guerilla tactics are over 50 years old, seen here being employed by civil war rebels against loyalist forces.

Infantry Tactics and Guerillas


Military forces of Vinberg wear blue, as seen here in their uniforms.

Army Organisations and Structure

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The Occitanian Compendium; Military Strategy et al
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